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[Commentary] It’s Not Even Original — New Q-Anon Attack On Biden Displays Trumpists’ Flailing For Vengeance

[Commentary] It’s Not Even Original — New Q-Anon Attack On Biden Displays Trumpists’ Flailing For Vengeance

Is it always projection? It might always be about revenge.

Donald Trump has been known to accuse anyone he sees as an enemy of exactly the same crimes alleged against him — including election interference and child sex abuse. However, even when a story circulating about the former president isn’t criminal but personal, it seems his fan base (in particular the q-anon bloc) feels a need to pin the tale on someone else.

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During Trump’s campaign and presidency, Noel Casler, who had worked with him and his family on the set of Celebrity Appretice, defied his non-disclosure agreement to come forward with a series of stories about Trump, including drug abuse, sexually predatory behavior at teen beauty pageants, and some more personal allegations, like Trump wearing lifts in his shoes to feel taller, a girdle to feel thinner — and adult diapers because of the side effects of the alleged drug addiction.

Though some stories (in particular the sexual misconduct) have been validated by others, several rest on only Casler’s word, though Trump has not come forward to deny any of them, which Casler claims is because if he acted either on the NDA or a defamation suit, the stories would only be confirmed in discovery.

A lot of folks have found the stories, including those without political relevance, to be believable, though, and Trump raged when “#diaperDon” trended along with a photo.

Now there’s a near-identical story circulating about Joe Biden and q-anon Twitter is eating it up.

Here’s attorney Jenna Ellis, one of those leading the charge to convince the public that the 2020 election was ‘stolen’ by pushing lawsuits without evidence, sharing the story and adding her own spin.

[Screenshot via Jenna Ellis/Twitter]

Even her right-wing source, Conservative Brief, acknowledges in the story that the rumor is based on nothing whatsoever, and that a known q-anon account, “catturd” pushed it to trend.

“It is important to note that there is no evidence to support the veracity of these claims nor has anyone with official knowledge of the meetings confirmed or denied the rumors.

But that did not stop them from trending like wildfire…fueled by an anonymous user, and popular conservative account, the aptly named Catturd who dared his followers to get it trending.”

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However, the whole thing puts on clear display the desperate need among Trumpists to take anything said about their precious idol, and turn it around and pin it on someone else — typically, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, or Bill or Hillary Clinton.

There’s no apparent source for the rumor other than a handful of tweets, but accounts followed by masses of conspiracy theorists — like Jenna Ellis’ — will continue to boost it, and continue to pretend it proves that Biden is suffering from dementia and other age-related ailments that would impede his ability to govern.

Why? Because it was said about Trump. Trump was alleged to be suffering from age-related memory loss, and difficulty controlling bodily functions, so to soothe his ego, it’s necessary for his adherents to make the same allegations towards Biden.

Trump and his fans have to feel vindicated for every time they got their feelings hurt by any negative press on Trump, regardless of whether the allegations are valid, whether they’re political and relevant in nature, and whether they have any evidence. It really displays the degree to which they took every word said about the former president personally, and want to return the sentiment.

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