[COMMENTARY] David Perdue, Meet Karma

We thought she had disappeared forever, but it just seems she was taking a long restful holiday to gear up for the fourth quarter of 2020. Karma has shown up big time this past fall and winter, hitting the GOP hard from the very top all the way down throughout the ranks of the science deniers and mask shirkers to show them just who’s really the boss of them. COVID19 doesn’t care who we vote for or what ideologies we believe, it just needs a human host to inhale it in and then give it free rein to make itself at home. Karma understands how this virus works better than anyone, and she especially likes to zing those who called it a hoax or downplayed its effects or compared it to a piddling little flu. Karma isn’t having any of your shit now, Republican anti-maskers.

But Karma just decided to end 2020 with a slice of schadenfreude so tasty we’ll be licking our fingers over it for a long time after we’ve digested it. Karma caught wind of a certain GOP Senator who not only followed the Trumpian party line when it came to the virus, he profited from it. David Perdue, the least accomplished person running for re-election, dumped his holdings in pharmaceutical stocks and invested in body bags when he learned the coronavirus death toll was going to be far worse than the early predictions had indicated. Kelly Loeffler has already danced with Ms. Karma, which somehow barely made a blip on the national radar, but that was before the Georgia Senate runoffs became such a huge part of the news cycle.

David Perdue 2k checks
[Photo by Jessica McGowan/Getty Images]
But this time around, Karma has a bigger national audience, and she paid a visit to Perdue while he was out and about without his mask. Perdue, who at 71 is in one of the most high-risk groups, was exposed to someone who had tested positive for COVID19 just days before Tuesday’s election. And while Perdue himself tested negative on Thursday, he and his wife are still remaining in quarantine. Perdue should be retested at least twice before returning to anything that resembles his normal routine of being an opportunistic death merchant who refused to debate his political opponent because he knew he’d be called a criminal again on live TV.

Worth over $15 million while living in one of Atlanta’s most exclusive gated communities, Perdue has obstructed COVID19 relief efforts, and up until very recently did not support the increase in stimulus payments from a piddling $600 to a slightly more helpful $2,000. Once he saw the political opportunity, Perdue then joined Loeffler in echoing Trump’s calls for the $2K stimmy. But it just might be too late, as their opponents have started pulling slightly ahead during early voting.

Karma will hopefully be sticking around as we roll into 2021 and Joe Biden takes office. Biden has already promised to undo the Trump damage, and Karma will be busy helping Tish James with the Trumps in New York. But if I have one wish for 2021, aside from being free to live our lives and move about the world with autonomy once again, it’s that Karma will take Mitch McConnell’s gross disgusting demon hands and does the old “Why are you hitting yourself?” all over him. I want to see McConnell not just demoted by a dual Ossoff and Warnock win, I want a Democratic Senate majority to impeach him over his crimings.

Hands of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are seen as he talks to the media after the Republican policy luncheon on Capitol Hill in Washington on October 20, 2020. Photo by Yuri Gripas/Abaca/Sipa USA(Sipa via AP Images)

[Sorry to do that to you all, but I mean, is there any better visual metaphor for what the GOP has become? Karma did that, and for our collective sanity on the daily, I hope she keeps close to the Republicans in the new year.]

So let’s raise a glass and toast Lady Karma and the Georgia voters, who’ll hopefully join forces to kick 2021 off in style and kick Perdue and Loeffler straight into a courtroom where they can be tried and convicted for all of the criming they’ve been doing.

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