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[COMMENTARY]: Impeach Him Again

[COMMENTARY]: Impeach Him Again

The House of Representatives is returning from recess this week to vote on emergency legislation to protect the United States Post Office and possibly on an extension of the $600 per week Pandemic Unemployment Assitance that lapsed last month.

Since lawmakers will be gathered anyway, they should just go ahead and impeach President Donald Trump. Again.

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Yes, Trump was already impeached – twice – and acquitted in February by Senate Republican confederates. Yes, Republicans will probably let him off again. Yes, another round of impeachment hearings would seem, for many, like we are living in reruns.

August is not February, however, and the compendium of “high crimes and misdemeanors” committed by Trump, often in real time,¬†cannot be ignored. He must be held accountable. Now.

Six months ago, 173,000 Americans had not lost their lives in the coronavirus pandemic, which was largely preventable except for the utterly catastrophic, inconceivable, sociopathic ineptitude of Trump and his pathetic cadre of corrupt enablers.

Six months ago, 30 million Americans were not out of work and on the verge of financial ruin and starvation.

Six months ago, Trump still stood a chance at winning a second term without having to cheat.

Six months ago, Trump was not bragging about laying waste to the USPS in order to steal the election.

Six months ago, Trump was not encouraging his supporters to subscribe to QANON, a fringe conspiracy organization.

Six months ago, we had no idea that Trump had ignored intelligence reports indicating that the Kremlin, at the direction of Russian President Vladimir Putin, paid bounties to the Taliban for killing American troops in Afghanistan. This week, it was revealed that Iran was doing the same thing.

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Six months ago, the Senate Intelligence Committee had not yet released its findings into the depths of the Trump campaign’s connections to and collusion with Russia, which were and are nothing short of treasonous. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election, while damning, was heavily redacted by Attorney General William Barr and so politicized that it was not enough on its own to convince Republicans that Trump should be removed from office. Nor was anything mentioned above.

But with the Republican Senate still in recess, and the Democratic-led House united and reconvening, this is the perfect time to put Trump and the GOP on the defensive and force them to choose between American democracy and Trump. There is too much at stake. If not, then Trump is right: it is what it is.

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