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[COMMENTARY] Idaho Forecast Calls For Year-Round Snowflakes As State Passes Bill to ‘Prevent Discrimination of the Unvaccinated’

[COMMENTARY] Idaho Forecast Calls For Year-Round Snowflakes As State Passes Bill to ‘Prevent Discrimination of the Unvaccinated’

Everyone in the Idaho State House got a participation trophy as they passed a measure preventing employers from requiring employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine or entities requiring visitors or attendees to be vaccinated. Violations would be a misdemeanor punishable with a $1,000 penalty.

The We’re Just Too Delicate And Crappy to Care About Others Bill–sorry, House Bill 443, aka the “Medical Consumer Protection Act” (UGH SO FRAGILE) passed with a 45-23 vote, so it’s gratifying to know that there are at least 23 somewhat okay people still living in Idaho.

(Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images)

I know we still can’t make people care about other people, and I know none of the Republicans voting for this bill (which should be folded up and pinned to their butts to use as a diaper) voted from within an iron lung. They all probably get a flu vaccine but don’t tell anyone. The members of Cult 45 spread the misinformation along with the virus, and somewhere they also decided it gave them protected citizen status, which it absolutely does not. You can be a selfish jerk, just go do it in New Murica, the country comprised of Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, and the Florida panhandle where all of MAGA will live after they secede. Remember, Idaho is where they just enacted a super restrictive Texas-style abortion law, so anytime they want to start the wagon train convoy down south, we’ll start evacuating the remaining Democrats a little further north.

I’m pretty sure the whiners who want this bill also verbally harassed locals who got vaccinated and/or wore masks as the CDC guidance directed. And they were probably the 23 opponents of this bill.

Oh PS, here’s your reminder that white supremacy is so prevalent in Idaho, even the Lt. Governor shows up to white supremacist events and then pretends she’s unaware she’s about to once again stump for white supremacy. Who else does that sound like, Marjorie Taylor Greene? BECAUSE IDAHO is just Florida with no coastlines.

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