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[COMMENTARY] House Ethics Committee Opens Investigation Into Madison Cawthorn

[COMMENTARY] House Ethics Committee Opens Investigation Into Madison Cawthorn

It’s not a great time to be Madison Cawthorn.

After more scandals than can fit on a typical political Bingo card, the freshman GOP Rep from North Carolina lost his primary and is now seeking revenge along with the rest of the “Dark MAGA” nutjobs who are about to face the same treatment. But Maddy isn’t quite done getting reamed for doing all of life wrong. Now the House Ethics Committee has opened an investigation into the former darling of the GOP, but NOT for the “cocaine-fueled orgies” or the party photos or the firearms at the airport (MORE THAN ONCE) or the DUIs (SAME).


 (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The panel is looking into whether or not Cawthorn had a conflict of interest in a cryptocurrency he promoted, as well as his improper relationship with a member of his staff. You may have seen the video, and if so, you’re not alone in being grossed out by it.

As for the crypto dealio–and hey, who would’ve ever guessed that invisible internet money might be a bad investment?–Cawthorn promoted the LGB coin in a December 29th Instagram post where he was pictured with the hedge fund manager of the cryptocurrency. The next day, NASCAR driver Brandon Brown announced a deal with the coin, raising questions about whether Cawthorn had advanced nonpublic knowledge of the announcement.

Cawthorn still has his seat in Congress until the end of the year, and he can still do plenty of damage with his fellow QAnon Qongress Qronies, so maybe House Ethics will actually do something? It’s hard to say, considering Matt Gaetz is still sitting on House Judiciary despite that open investigation from the FBI.

At least Maddy won’t be alone, some more of the worst people are in bigly trouble too!

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