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[COMMENTARY] Herschel Walker Falsely Claimed He Worked in Law Enforcement

[COMMENTARY] Herschel Walker Falsely Claimed He Worked in Law Enforcement

Herschel Walker has a history of never telling the truth, which is exactly why he’s the perfect mark for Donald Trump.

Possibly the only truthful thing on Walker’s current resume is that he did indeed win the Heisman Trophy while playing football at the University of Georgia in 1982, which is also my alma mater (Class of 1993) as well as Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (1996) and thankfully, our paths never crossed, because she probably never went anywhere near the Drama Department, because of all of the gays.

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But ANYWAY, we’re talking about Herschel, who never found a lie he couldn’t stuff into his curriculum vitae. I guess when a Black athlete speaks in front of a bunch of rich white people, they feel too weird and openly racist if they question how a guy who can’t pronounce basic words graduated as the valedictorian of both his high school and college graduating classes. Spoiler: he didn’t do either thing, especially not the second one, because he didn’t graduate from UGA at all.

While Herschel is out there lying about his past, like he created a veterans’ charity (nope), he also claimed in at least three speeches that he once worked in law enforcement. This is also completely not true, unless you want to call preventing some guy in a mask from getting past you on a field while carrying a ball he just stole from your side “enforcing the law” of football. Call me old-fashioned, but I think a man with a history of physically abusing his wife and threatening to kill her in front of their children shouldn’t be anywhere near law enforcement unless he’s being arrested by them, but since Walker has no clue about being a literal walking Hatch Act violation, clearly the whole legal system really doesn’t play to his limited strengths.

MAGA men love to appropriate the accomplishments of others as their own while never taking responsibility for their mistakes. Sound familiar? In one speech, Walker lied to a U.S. Army audience about a 2001 incident. “I worked in law enforcement, so I had a gun,” he claimed. In 2017, he specifically said, “I work with the Cobb County Police Department.” That’s one peach of a lie: the Cobb County Police Department told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution it has no record of Walker working with the department. The Republican’s campaign said he was “an honorary deputy” (which the AJC couldn’t confirm with the Cobb sheriff’s office), something a former DeKalb County district attorney said the title was meaningless, even if true. Being an “honorary deputy,” he said, is like having “a junior ranger badge.”

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say the state of Georgia and the rest of the planet are better off if Herschel Walker just played junior ranger at his expansive Atlanta estate instead of trying to do anything else. Herschel is going to follow Trump’s orders and not accept the results of his race with Sen. Raphael Warnock, mark my words. And he’ll be spewing a lot more lies between now and November, trust.


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