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[COMMENTARY] Herschel Walker Caught in Yet Another Lie, This Time About Volunteering With Veterans

[COMMENTARY] Herschel Walker Caught in Yet Another Lie, This Time About Volunteering With Veterans

It’s not a secret that Republicans hate the truth and will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid it. But the truths they avoid the most are the ones about themselves. If any one of them had the self-awareness of a housefly, maybe the GOP wouldn’t be like if “Hee Haw” was translated into Russian and then back into English just to push Russian propaganda.

Today’s example of living the lie they’ve told themselves is Herschel “Why Are There Still Apes?” Walker, who literally peaked in college and thought he could skate through life on his Heisman Trophy. Despite never graduating, Walker pushed the lie that he was valedictorian of his class at the University of Georgia. Walker has repeatedly lied about his personal achievements while never acknowledging his very real history of domestic abuse. He also has suffered from mental illness, most likely traced to head trauma from his football days, beginning at our mutual alma mater. He’s a favorite of Donald Trump’s from back when Trump literally owned him (and the rest of his sort-of professional football team) and their dynamic has never evolved from that whole “Look at my African-American!” energy Trump has when only rich and famous Black people are nearby for a photo op.

Herschel Walker, NJ Generals Running Back, looks on as Donald Trump, NJ Generals Owner; makes the announcement of a new contract for Herschel Walker through the 1989 season; during a press conference held at Giants Stadium. (Photo by Bettmann Archive/Getty Images)

Now it’s been revealed that Walker, who probably doesn’t understand how he violated the Hatch Act, nor the Hatch Act itself, lied about his work with a veterans’ group, because of course he did now that he’s running for Senate with ZERO experience and even less knowledge of how the government works.

According to an in-depth profile from the AP, Walker takes credit for founding, co-founding, and sometimes operating a program called Patriot Support. The program, he says, has taken him to military bases all over the world. The AP says he’s “a celebrity spokesman who overstated his role in a for-profit program that is alleged to have preyed upon veterans and service members while defrauding the government.” OUCH, AP! Also, ON POINT!


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