[COMMENTARY] Hannity Demands Twitter Add “Manipulated Media” to Meidas Touch Video

Fox News host Sean Hannity really doesn’t like the new video Meidas Touch released on Friday, entitled “#ByeHannity“. So much so, he complained to Twitter to demand they add a “manipulated media” tag at the bottom anytime it’s shared by users.

The video was edited by the three Meiselas brothers, Ben, Brett, and Jordan who comprise Meidas Touch, using footage from Hannity’s show as well as clips of Donald Trump’s many verbal gaffes. None of the images or sounds have been manipulated, but that didn’t stop Hannity from contacting Twitter to demand the disclaimer. #ByeHannity was trending all Friday night.

Hannity also published a blog to his website to “set the record straight“, about the video. “A recently released video on Twitter -viewed more than 1.2 million times- attemps [sic] to portray Sean Hannity discrediting President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence,” it reads, “when in reality the footage shows the commentator highlighting the growing controversies surrounding Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris.”

Nothing about the video actually violates Twitter’s Terms of Service, because it should be classified as either satire or parody. A simple viewing of the sixty-second ad shows its clearly humorous slant, juxtaposing Hannity’s bullying comments about Biden and Harris with video of Trump displaying the actual behavior Hannity describes. Hannity calling it ‘manipulated’ only shows he has no sense of humor and can’t recognize satire when he sees it.




This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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