[COMMENTARY] Greene Openly Supports Jan 6th Insurrectionists On House Floor

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) took another page from the Trump Projection Playbook on Tuesday when she stood on the House floor and said all the quiet parts out loud by defedning the insurrectionists who attempted to stop the Electoral College votes from being counted on January 6th. Greene claimed that “the people who breached the Capitol are being abused” despite endangering Congress and causing the deaths of five people, including Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.

It’s unconscionable that Greene is allowed to enter this kind of explicit sedition and dangerous rhetoric into the historical record while still receiving a salary paid by the American people whose collective voice she sought to discredit on January 6th.

Marjorie Taylor Greene anti-Muslim rant
[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]
As she continues to defy the House rules and use her remaining free time tweeting her usual attention-grabbing nonsense, what’s getting lost is that SHE WAS AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in the January 6th insurrection. She led a tour for her family and friends the day before, and one of those friends is now in federal custody for his role. So why isn’t Greene awaiting sentencing herself instead of trying to rewrite our history by defending the QAnon Shaman? Aside from dressing like a biker chick reject on the House floor (really, could you at least pretend you have any respect for the institution, you walking sale rack at Spencer’s?), she also doesn’t have the sense God gave a goat, as they say in the Georgia backwoods.

How is this our government right now?

A phone call made to Greene’s office for comment was cut short before I could even finish asking my question (which was, “Why did she defend insurrectionists on the House floor?”) and all follow-up calls went unanswered and unresolved as her voicemail box was full on Tuesday afternoon.

Of course, Marjorie Manson doesn’t want to be investigated because SHE’S GUILTY of treason and sedition and she knows it. She’s not doing a very good job at hiding how scared she is, that’s for sure. Every accusation is a confession with the QIdiot Qongress, and I for one am DONE.

This is not our tax dollars at work. This is our tax dollars being used for Marjorie Manson to use for her personal toilet paper supply. She rightly fears a January 6th Commission and she knows her days are numbered. A cornered animal does all it can to survive.

What will this one do next?


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