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[COMMENTARY] Grant Stinchfield Gives HillReporter A Shout-Out On Newsmax

[COMMENTARY] Grant Stinchfield Gives HillReporter A Shout-Out On Newsmax

Nothing triggers the right like being proven wrong.

MAGA loves to say all of the quiet parts out loud, and then just yell them louder because they think anyone who yells can’t be wrong. Truth is anathema to the Trumper, and while everything they refuse to accept is just a Google search away, they prefer the Ostrich Method of living with their heads in the sand, which is infinitely easier than ever thinking for themselves.


Something is fundamentally broken inside all of them when they refuse several different proven COVID19 vaccines but are perfectly happy to tout a horse pill cure instead. They trust Dr. Facebook over Dr. Fauci, which is beyond the realms of acceptable crazy. “I did my own research” is MAGA shorthand for “You can’t make me do nothin I don’t wanna because muh freedoms,” to the point where they’re now booing their own Dear Leader for telling them to get vaccinated.

When the willfully obtuse are “famous” people, however, the messaging gets more gravitas than it merits. Granted, most of the boldface names who support Trump last enjoyed something that looked like a high profile back in the Reagan Administration, but they still have their fanbases. Scott Baio has an “army” of trolls who swarm anyone who dares besmirch the legacy of Chachi Arcola (I’ve been blocked by Baio since early 2016 and created the hashtag #NeverChachi, which he really really hates). More like a “Who’s That?” than a “Who’s Who”, Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo, Kirstie Alley, Travis Tritt, Ricky Schroder, Antonio Sabato Jr, Adam Baldwin, and James Woods have all succumbed to Trumpism, often to hilarious results on Twitter. Football guy Aaron Rodgers is currently being rightfully dragged for his public anti-vax stance because he tested positive for COVID.

And then there’s Kristy “I Was the Movie Buffy” Swanson, who apparently wasn’t acting in all of those John Hughes movies where she plays the ditzy blonde out of touch with basic reality. Swanson is one of those MAGA women who claims to “love Jesus” but is absolutely awful to anyone who says anything but nice things to her. The Lesser Buffy was a vocal science-denying anti-vaxxer until OOOOPS she got COVID19 and all of a sudden it was a real thing to take seriously.

As a “blue check” on Twitter, my tweets often get singled out by easily triggered right-wing media who are paid to lie to their base and keep them terrified. Healthy people just aren’t profitable, so online channels like OAN spew whatever hot gaslighting garbage they want. Kristy and I have tangled in the past, and she virtue signaled her followers to go after me. There was maybe a day or two where obvious troll accounts called me a “libturd” or whatever, because there’s no such thing as a mature Trump supporter.

The folks over at Newsmax seem especially triggered by me. Carl Higbie has trolled me (thanks, Matt Gaetz!), and now Grant Stinchfield has given both myself and HillReporter a nice boost by mentioning me and my tweet about precious delicate snowflake Kristy Swanson and her pleas for prayers.

That tweet made Grant Stinchfield’s butt clench just enough to feature it on his little internet show. Watch him complain about “Blue Check liberals” while mentioning both me and HillReporter by name. Thanks for the boost, Grant! Weak tweets from Newshacks like you are my life’s blood!

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