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[COMMENTARY] Gov Ricketts Thinks Smoking Weed Will Make Parents Into Murderers

[COMMENTARY] Gov Ricketts Thinks Smoking Weed Will Make Parents Into Murderers

Marijuana is literally a gift from the Earth itself. While most people think of it as just a fun and non-addictive recreational drug, the plant has a myriad of uses aside from making you laugh and crave a whole bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. Hemp is used to make clothing and other material goods, and the plant’s medicinal and pain-relieving properties like CBD are a great source of comfort for people who want to avoid man-made pharmaceuticals. States that have decriminalized marijuana and/or legalized it recreationally as well as medically have seen huge boosts to their economies.

But don’t tell any of that to uptight human cotton ball Pete Ricketts, the Governor of Nebraska, who’s convinced if you smoke the marijuanas, you’ll be so stoned you won’t even recognize your own kids and then end up murdering them.

No, really, he thinks that.

But maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that someone this uptight isn’t down with the jazz cigarettes. After all, Prudish Pete also doesn’t want certain aspects of a sex education curriculum to be taught, so of course, he also doesn’t want people to be able to kick back with a nice spliff after work instead of a Coors Light. Why let anyone have fun in Footloose City, right Prudish Pete?

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if you teach children about their bodies without shame from a very early age, they probably won’t grow up to be uptight Republicans who want to police everything going into or coming out of other peoples’ bodies.

But anyway, back to the wacky tabacky. Prudish Pete Ricketts thinks marijuana is the Devil’s Herb, and he’s convinced that it’s way worse for you than alcohol (it isn’t) or opioids (ditto), probably because the weed industry isn’t greasing his palms like Big Pharma does. Ricketts also seems to get all of his “research” straight from the movie “Reefer Madness”.

Twitter, which essentially runs on weed and snark, let Prudish Pete know he’s several Cheeches short of a Chong.


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