[COMMENTARY] GOP Rep Opposes Gun Control Because Murder’s In the Bible

What would Republicans do if they couldn’t cherry-pick the Bible to suit their current political arguments? How would they be able to justify all of the terrible things they do without poring over a book that didn’t just fall out of the sky one day, but was written by mortal human men and has various versions and interpretations? Would they be more accustomed to facing reality and accepting science, like the Climate Crisis they still ignore while fully believing in the invisible Sky Daddy? Would they be more willing to let women have autonomy over their own bodies instead of being all “because Jeebus” when it came to the touchy subject of abortion? The country would look and feel radically different, starting with that good ol chestnut, the separation of Church and State.

But until we’re able to wipe out the hypocrisy that so often comes with religion, we still have to face the reality of a party that’s fine with the idea of lizard people wearing Tom Hanks’s skin while eating babies, plus also all of the Bible stuff as well. And then they went and started worshiping another false idol by the name of Donald Trump, and here we are in the Year of Our Lord 2021 and a member of Congress stood up where other people could hear him and claimed that he didn’t believe in gun control because there are murders in the Bible.

WATCH: GOP congressman opposes gun control because murder is in the Bible

Okay, yeah, we need to unpack that. Here’s the chapter and verse: Representative Clay Higgins of Louisiana, who’s so uptight he squeaks when he walks, wasted time on the House floor on Thursday to deliver something akin to a sermon, despite that whole Church/State thingie. Higgins was moved to preach–er, speak–against a gun control bill that an astonishing NINETY PERCENT of Americans support because…well, let’s have him tell it.

So…we never want to make light of mental illness, but it genuinely appears that Clay Higgins has broken on through to the other side. He actually dared to suggest it is in man’s nature to kill, and that America is a Christian nation.

“That laws designed to restrict Second Amendment rights and freedoms are about a veil to conceal the violence of man born since Adam, firstborn son of Adam killed his brother, in a violent rage,” Higgins preached, opposing the gun control bill. “I’m rather certain he did not use a firearm. The Second Amendment protections that we have as American citizens ‘shall not be infringed.’ Remember these words, and that they are born of a nation that recognized our service to our Lord.”

For those of us who live in reality and don’t want anyone killing anyone else for any reason, the bill, HR 8, passed. So Clay Higgins can go cry in his special prayer closet with Carrie’s mom and wait for the stones to fall as the heathens enjoy stricter background checks.

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