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[COMMENTARY] GOP Hypocrites Getting COVID19 Vaccines Before Deserving Americans

[COMMENTARY] GOP Hypocrites Getting COVID19 Vaccines Before Deserving Americans

Once upon a time, in a year called 2016, the Russians hacked both the DNC and RNC email servers. Led by the cunning dictator Vladimir Putin, the effort by Russia to influence the presidential election in Donald Trump’s favor had been going on for a long time already. Misinformation was being spread on social media thanks to fake accounts they created, and getting the GOP on board with their plan to stage a bloodless coup in our country was easy once they had all of that deep kompromat on them. The Russians shrewdly released only what they had on Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats, holding on to the absolute worst details to dangle over the heads of the most vulnerable in the GOP. How else to explain Lindsey Graham doing a 180 on Trump after one day on the golf course, Mitch McConnell not passing a basic relief package during a pandemic, Ron Johnson and Rand Paul traveling to Moscow on JULY 4TH? What are patriotic Americans to make of Trump’s continued allegiance to Putin as recently as this week, when he downplayed the most serious Russian hack yet? Downplaying a major attack on American defense systems should be considered a crime against humanity right there, but the Teflon Don keeps getting away with his criming as Democrats seem to be like, “Well, he IS leaving soon, let’s just wait this out and try to figure out to clean up this mess once he’s gone.”

Denying the election results only adds to the damaging rhetoric from the right (and why are they even called the right, when they almost are never correct about anything?). We need to move forward as a nation as we always have every other time a presidential term has ended, but there are those who are going to fight that until they can’t fight it anymore. Those who still stand with Trump should be considered traitorous seditionists, and if any of us regular folk were spouting off suggestions of Martial Law or overturning the election, we’d already be in federal custody. If no one is above the law, it sure would be neat if someone proved it.

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It’s incredibly frustrating to watch the GOP continue to get away with living by the “Do as I say, not as I do” adage that seems to go hand-in-hand with their “Me first, screw the mass unwashed” attitudes. The HEROES Act sitting on McConnell’s desk would’ve actually helped Americans, but instead, the GOP decided to kick down some crumbs with another $600 stimulus that will be a drop in the bucket of debt most of us have accumulated over the last nearly TEN MONTHS of quarantine. Meanwhile, have you seen the way Georgia Senator and inside traitor David Perdue’s been living? Perdue and his fellow Georgian, unelected Kelly Loeffler, are worth nearly $1 billion combined. It’s abhorrent that Republicans with more personal wealth than most Americans can even hope to have can insulate themselves from the reality of what’s happened to this country.

And now, finally, there’s a vaccine that’s Dr. Fauci-approved, and Americans are glimpsing the light at the end of the longest tunnel ever. But even as some in the GOP continue to deny Joe Biden is the President-Elect and back Trump’s dangerous rhetoric about the coronavirus, they’ve been rushing to the front of the line to get the vaccine they were scoffing at not that long ago.

Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Matt Gaetz, and Joni Ernst are just a few of the Trump faithful who’ve more or less knocked others out of the way to get inoculated against COVID19. Gaetz had openly mocked the existence of the virus by wearing a gas mask into the House of Representatives, and Ernst had baselessly claimed that doctors were inflating the death toll from the virus for financial gain. Ironically, both Loeffler and Perdue dumped stock and invested in body bags earlier this year when they learned the virus was much more deadly than first anticipated. Their allegiance is to themselves first and foremost and always, protecting their bank accounts and making sure whatever deep dark secret the Russians dug up on them stays deep and dark. THAT’S what’s more important than American lives. As if any of us would bat an eye over infidelity or closeted homosexuality in 2020, but Republicans are fueled by covering their personal shame.

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Tell me again why these people are walking around free? How dare Joni Ernst spend months railing against mask mandates and closings, only to receive the vaccine before frontline workers.

Lindsey Graham has already been identified as a Russian asset. Marco Rubio tweets Bible verses and then all but elbows deserving people out of the way to get the vaccine first.

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There must be consequences for every member of the GOP who remained faithful to Trump instead of America. It’s imperative that House Democrats censure Trump as well as his GOP enablers before he leaves office, then prosecuted once he’s gone.

Trumpocrites are going to Trumpocrite to the very last, and it’s up to us to make sure Democratic leadership holds them all accountable for it, no matter how long it takes.


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