[COMMENTARY] Go Home, Chad Wolf

Donald Trump has dispatched still-unconfirmed Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf to Portland, Oregon to apparently establish martial law in a city where he’s neither needed nor wanted. Oregon Governor Kate Brown has called for their immediate withdrawal, which she calls a publicity stunt for the Trump Campaign. Wolf has steadfastly refused to leave the city.

Armed federal officers, none of them displaying any ID as to which agency they represent, quietly began occupying the city in late June, but have drawn more attention to themselves in recent days thanks to reports of them grabbing protesters off of the streets and throwing them into the backs of unmarked vans. These officers never explain why they’re arresting these mostly peaceful protesters. In a separate incident, one federal officer shot protester Donavan LaBella, who underwent facial reconstructive surgery and remains in serious condition.

Federal officers were also sent to Seattle and Washington, DC, for similar reasons, but neither of those cities are currently reporting any similar instances.

Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer created the hashtag #GoHomeChad to let him know just how the residents of Portland and its surrounding areas neither want nor need the presence of federal officers on our streets. Wolf is currently getting hammered on Twitter (full disclosure: I’m really sweary on Twitter) for his tactics, but this administration never listens to any external suggestions or criticisms.

The question of WHAT CAN WE DO continues to make the internet rounds, an unanswerable lament as we suffer from zero leadership. House Democrats must call an emergency session of Congress to deal with this issue sooner rather than later.


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