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[COMMENTARY] Gaetz Declines to Sept 18th Rally for Jan 6th ‘Political Prisoners’, Blames New Wife

[COMMENTARY] Gaetz Declines to Sept 18th Rally for Jan 6th ‘Political Prisoners’, Blames New Wife

Republicans love a scapegoat. Ted Cruz blamed his escape to Mexico amid the worst winter storm in Texas in a decade on his daughters’ pleas to go someplace warm. Donald Trump has never taken responsibility for anything he’s ever done. If there’s someone else who can shoulder the blame, Republicans are more than happy to pass it along, even if it falls squarely on their families instead of themselves.

Political wives have always had to take the brunt for their husbands’ public misdeeds–if we began to list the long-suffering women on both sides of the aisles, we’d never stop. But when a sitting member of Congress uses his new wife as a human shield because he’s too scared to admit he’s scared, well…you have Matt Gaetz.

Full disclosure: I’m not exactly thrilled with Gaetz (Q-FL) this week, to begin with, and for good reason. Captain Venmo traveled to my district in Washington State with his new missus in tow and participated in a private fundraiser attended by members of the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, and the Oath Keepers to support the newly Trump-anointed Joe Kent. Gaetz ducked my interview on Monday but tweeted out a video of mine on Tuesday where he called me a “Karen”, a super-professional look for a sitting Congressman.

But anyway, Gaetz got goaded into answering questions from someone else he was willing to talk to. Somehow, the same people who breached the Capitol on January 6th (well, except for the 640 or so either already in custody or awaiting sentencing) are all coming back for Round Two on September 18th as a “protest” for those 640 “political prisoners”. How they got a permit to do this is anyone’s guess, but if they bring the gallows back with them, maybe send the National Guard a little sooner this time.


Gaetz won’t be there, because he’s a coward currently under investigation for sex trafficking teenage girls across state lines and paying them via cash apps like Venmo. But that’s not the reason he gave when asked if he’ll be there along with the Insurrectionist All-Stars like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar. Gaetz recently joined Greene (Q-GA) and Louie Gohmert (Q-TX) for an unannounced attempt to visit alleged rioters who were being held at a Washington, D.C. jail. Greene has referred to the defendants as “political prisoners.” So it’s safe to believe he’d be there with the rest of the Sedition Caucus a week after the 20th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

But Matty Fivehead said he can’t make it because his wife is making him do a thing.

Appearing on the “Joe Pags” (who?) show, Gaetz said at first he wasn’t aware of “being invited”, but then said he’s got plans that day anyway.”The new trick from the mainstream media is to create negativity around a person or an event or a gathering. And then if you’re not the first to deny and denounce that activity then somehow you’re culpable or you are involved and you need to be shunned,” Gaetz, who created his own negativity in Clark County, WA, on Monday, said. “Look, I have plans with my wife on Sept. 18th,” he continued. “I won’t be attending that particular function but I do think it’s dangerous for Republicans to fall for the trap of allowing the mainstream media to basically cast any event, any gathering, any circumstance, any people as inherently evil and you have an obligation to distance yourself from it.”

Here’s the meeting of the MAGA brain trust discussing the J6 Rally.


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