Commentary: Gab CEO’s ‘My White Children’ Post Shows The Right Wing Almost Getting It, Again

Gab is one of the several social media sites that have sprung up to appeal to the right-wing extremists who get kicked off of Facebook and Twitter for violating the terms of use with racist, xenophobic, or misogynistic attacks. A recent post from the founder shows that conservatives can understand the notion of a person’s right to avoid racism — they just have a radically different idea of what racism is, and who the victims are.

[Screenshot via Andrew Torba/Gab]

Gab CEO and founder Andrew Torba posted Friday about what he called “anti-white” schools, churches, and media, declaring that he wouldn’t allow his kids to be exposed to these, and that no one else should, either.

[Screenshot via Andrew Torba/Gab]

Okay, Torba and I probably have very different ideas of what constitutes “anti-white.” If recent complaints from the right wing are any indication, he’s expressing annoyance that churches, schools, and media are actively addressing racism, that they’re calling out inequality. There’s currently a fight for schools, in particular, to address the history of racial inequality in the U.S. more clearly.

However, one of the things that stands out to me most in this post is that Torba is a millimeter away from getting it.

He doesn’t think that his white kids should attend schools that he deems “anti-white.” He doesn’t think that his white kids should attend churches or be exposed to media that is what he considers “anti-white.” This is fair — I just disagree that honestly addressing racism in this nation is “anti-white.” I disagree that equality is “anti-white.”

Surely, if Torba understands that he doesn’t want his white kids in what he thinks are “anti-white” schools, he should understand that we also don’t think Black kids, immigrant kids, and LGBTQ kids, should be forced to endure schools that are racist, media that depicts Jim Crow America as a Utopia where everyone was happy while Black citizens were denied basic human rights, and churches that fight to tell our LGBTQ kids they deserve to burn for eternity.

Why would any of us want our kids, Black or white, cishet or LGBTQ, native-born or immigrant, to be taught to perpetuate racism for another generation? Why would we want our kids to attend anti-Black schools and churches?

Once again, the right almost gets it, then passes the point right by.

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