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[COMMENTARY]’Free Speech’ For $5 A Week? Trump’s Truth Social Grift Gets Ready to Launch Amid Confusion and Controversy

[COMMENTARY]’Free Speech’ For $5 A Week? Trump’s Truth Social Grift Gets Ready to Launch Amid Confusion and Controversy

[Disclaimer: This commentary has been updated since it was first posted to include more accurate information]

It looks deceptively like Twitter, except with red checkmarks for verification instead of blue ones. Instead of “Posts,” it has “Truths.” And it promises a safe space for free speech, all for the bargain price of just $4.99. Or is that just a rumor? With Trump, it’s always hard to tell, so let’s dive in.

At first, you’d just assume the freedom ain’t free over at Trump’s Truth Social, his latest pump-and-dump scheme to fill his coffers so there’s something left behind to pay the lawyers when he eventually stiffs them like Anna Delvey at the W Hotel. Trump has never once given anything away for free (except when he broadcasts all of his criming live at his rallies), so why wouldn’t he try to raise capital by capitalizing on his fanbase?

It really should be called “Our Version of the Truth” Social

For all of their blustering and posturing, the MAGA snowflakes sure seem excited to get grifted even more just so they can do racisms without punishment. According to its terms of service, Truth Social will forbid users from using “excessive capital letters” and from harassing, intimidating, or annoying the website’s employees and agents. Let’s see how long that lasts, considering the king of the dipshit bullies is sitting right at the top of the Truth Social pyramid scheme.

If you’re a person who’s inclined to sign up for Truth Social, what we have surmised is that you can download it and register for free, but if you want special stuff you’ll have to give the RNC your money in advance. Like, to buy your own username and get extra exclusive content.


You’re more than likely paying in to your own grift one way or another with a Trump app, congrats! But hey, tell me more about Hillary’s emails or Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Then there’s the fact that it looks almost identical to Twitter. “Truths & Replies,” could you be any sadder, you pathetic sad grifter? It’s just so obvious. It’s like he got kicked out of a club in New York so he built his own version in Florida and–oh, wait. And yet his audience is like TAKE MORE OF MY MONIEZ DEAR LEADER. Sad!

But then also there was a big stink about how this wasn’t true, that it’s ANOTHER, different pro-Trump app that’s asking for the funds. And apparently Trump is now really big mad that another app is trying to grift his base before he can.

He’s going to keep the grift going until he can’t, plus he’s the least successful businessman ever, so eventually Truth Social will go the way of everything else he tried and failed at because Everything Trump Touches Dies. He even killed Gettr without even being directly associated with it, because it was started by one of his other failed staffers, Jason Miller, with a little no-help from Steve “Stevie Five Shirts” Bannon.

Whether or not the MAGAts are going to pay for their free speech remains to be seen. But Twitter users made it clear that anyone who cared to shell out roughly $30 a month to say mean things about liberals didn’t have to say goodbye, they could just leave.

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