(Commentary) Fox News Colleagues Are Again Blasting Tucker Carlson But Fox Doesn’t Care Enough to do Anything

When Donald Trump was elected President, many of the worst of Fox News’ anchors were downright giddy. Laura Ingraham and Jeanine Pirro couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces. The hosts of Fox & Friends would delightedly take Trump’s frequent phone calls.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

But no one was happier than Tucker Carlson. Finally, Carlson had a President who was willing to push the white nationalism that he promoted on his show each night. And now that Trump is gone, the host has not only ramped his racism, but also his anti-vaccine rhetoric.

During his Wednesday broadcast, Carlson claimed that “thousands” of people have died since getting the vaccine. The false comment drew immediate condemnation, even from members of the Fox family.

Dr. Nicole Saphier tweeted, “It’s intriguing the people who claim Covid deaths were overinflated from concomitant illness are the same people who are saying people dying after the vaccine are dying from the vaccine and not because we vaccinated the most elderly, frail, sick individuals with short life spans.”

Another contributor, Jonah Goldberg, wrote, “FACT: Every single person who ever died blinked before they died. The vast majority — like 99% — blinked mere seconds before death. And yet, no one talks about this silent killer.”

The bottom line, though, is that none of this matters. As the Daily Beast reported the other day, Carlson has become completely untouchable at the network. His ratings are huge and Fox makes its money from carriage fees rather than advertising. So you can expect plenty more nonsense from Carlson in the future.

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