[COMMENTARY] Former Guy Fact-Checked By Fox News At CPAC

Donald Trump just might have officially lost Fox News.

It took them long enough, and they gave him plenty of chances (hey, he still talks to Sean Hannity on the regular), but when it came to their CPAC coverage, Trump’s former Fox fan club has seemingly outgrown him like a bunch of fickle teenagers and moved on to their next Republi-crush. While Fox has spent the past several weeks allowing their hosts to spread all kinds of disinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine, the never-was-really-a-news-network appears to be drawing a line when it comes to the election results, probably because they’re really tired of having to talk about it EIGHT MONTHS after it was decided for Joe Biden.

And so they told the truth via chyron, IN ALL CAPS, because it’s easier than actually saying the loud parts out loud. Networks like OAN and others have been sued for allowing people on their air to lie about election tabulations companies, so the Murdochs had to get foxy with their coverage.

You have to wonder how the stereotypical Fox News viewer processes a visual like the one above. On the one hand (probably the one holding the Big Gulp of Wild Cherry Mountain Dew flavored Kool Aid), there’s Dear Leader on State TV blatantly screaming about the Big Lie, which they believe because they’ve been programmed to accept all he says as fact. On the other hand, State TV is telling them that what Dear Leader is saying isn’t the truth they want it to be. I like to imagine them sitting slackjawed in their ripped Barcaloungers, trying to figger out which to take in and retain and which to let dissipate into the ether, never to be considered again. I know that’s not an accurate portrayal of all Trump supporters, but it’s a good assessment of the ones who troll me on Twitter.

Lest you think that’s a fake thing just for clickbait, here it is on video.

Twitter loves it when the right eats its own, and the reaction to seeing this on Faux News was pretty spectacular. But it got even better when the CPAC snowflakes got all butthurt about them not lying enough for Dear Leader.


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