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[COMMENTARY] Former Defense Sec Mark Esper Says Trump Wanted to Shoot BLM Protesters

[COMMENTARY] Former Defense Sec Mark Esper Says Trump Wanted to Shoot BLM Protesters

Rather than come forward with the dangerous knowledge he had in real-time so the American people would know the truth, former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper waited until his book was published to share a clickbait anecdote. Esper is just the latest member of the Republican Publishing Racket, although we have a new player in the game: William Morrow Books. Hopefully, Simon & Schuster is fine with sharing the RNC’s money laundering, there’s plenty to go around! Remember, friends, all money is still green once you get rid of all that pesky blood that somehow got on it.

So ANYWAY, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to read about Donald Trump’s suggestions to shoot Black Lives Matter protesters who had gathered near the White House during the Hell Summer of 2020 that began with the murder of George Floyd amidst an ever-increasing global pandemic while the most inept administration looked the other way. And by that I mean, they were looking at lots of other ways to steal the election they knew they couldn’t legitimately win.

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But back to Esper and his “Sacred Oath,” which I guess didn’t include warning the public at large that the subhuman currently squatting in the Oval Office casually asked, “Can’t you just shoot them? Can’t you just shoot them in the legs or something?” regarding the actual humans who were simply exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly (yeah, we’re not really keen on letting the GOP cherry-pick the Constitution the same way they do with the Bible, because the Constitution is at least a real thing).

Ultimately, instead of shooting them, there was a whole lot of unnecessary tear gas followed by Trump’s weird walk to the church where his tiny hands somehow didn’t get branded from holding the book he once bragged was his favorite, yet couldn’t quote at all.

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So whatever, opportunistic former Trump loyalists. No one is surprised you sold him out, but we’re all really over this “I’m not telling until my publishing date” flex. It’s bad enough your ghostwritten crapbooks won’t be read by anyone except those unfortunately assigned to review them. No more trees should have to die because of more GOP lies or rewritten histories.

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