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[COMMENTARY] Foo Fighters Drown Out Westboro Protestors With Message of Love and Disco

[COMMENTARY] Foo Fighters Drown Out Westboro Protestors With Message of Love and Disco

Dave Grohl‘s message to his audience is universal: YOU SHOULD BE DANCING.

The lead singer of the multiplatinum, multi-GRAMMY™ Award-winning band Foo Fighters doesn’t discriminate; all are welcome at his shows. But anytime their tour rolls into Kansas, some of the locals get out their picket signs instead of their old Nirvana tour shirts and head down to the venue to protest the band.

It’s unclear exactly why the Westboro Baptist “Church” got a bug up their butts about Foo Fighters. Perhaps it goes all the way back to 2002, when the band played exactly one concert for a now-defunct group that advocated some controversial ideas regarding the way AIDS patients should (or shouldn’t) seek medical treatment. The band distanced itself from the group before its founder, unfortunately, lost her battle with the disease. Another reason for the protests: Also, anyone attending their 2021 concerts must show proof of vaccination, so probably the HateChurch of Anti-Vaxxers wasn’t down with that, neither. So if Foo Fighters are playing anywhere near their mothership, they beam on over to wave horrific signs.

Foo Fighters got so hip to the WBC in 2012, they decided to counter-protest the haters by literally playing to their base. Disguised as a country and western band, they recorded a song called “Keep It Clean” (the official video even shows off Foo butts!) and played it on a flatbed truck outside the venue with the WBC as a willingly unwitting audience.

A few years later, the band returned to Kansas City and immediately RickRolled the WBC.

Foo Fighters were back Thursday night, and this time they fought the WBC with disco.

The protestors were waving signs claiming God hates everything we like while making accusations like Dave Grohl Hails Satan. But actually, Dave Grohl Hails Satin.

As the Dee Gees, Foo Fighters tribute to the Bee Gees, the band once again trolled the small group who were carrying the usual awful signs outside the Azura Amphitheater in Bonner Springs. The band–fully decked out in the Dee Gees’ matching attire–hopped on a flatbed truck and treated the protesters to a lengthy rendition of the Bee Gees’ “You Should Be Dancing.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I got something to say. Because you know what? I love you! I do,” Grohl told the protesters as the music played. “The way I look at it, I love everybody. That’s what you’re supposed to do… I deliver all of my love, and you shouldn’t be hating. You should be dancing!” And if you watch, some of them almost started dancing, they just couldn’t resist that funky beat.

Dave Grohl was trending on Twitter all day on Friday, with some users caught by surprise by the stunt, while longtime fans (like yours truly) simply gave Grohl his much-deserved props.

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