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[COMMENTARY] Follow-Up: Because Arizona, Doug Ducey Just Signed All the Hate Bills Into Law

[COMMENTARY] Follow-Up: Because Arizona, Doug Ducey Just Signed All the Hate Bills Into Law

[I’ve already written about Arizona giving Florida and Idaho a run for their blood money, so maybe check that out before moving forward]

So yeah, Doug “Guess What Everyone’s Always Called Me” Ducey signed measures that will outlaw abortion after 15 weeks if the U.S. Supreme Court allows it, prohibit gender confirmation surgery for minors, and ban transgender girls from playing on girls sports teams. It’s obvious the GOP cannot get past the antiquated need to control women, and asking WHY is useless, as the answer to that one is BECAUSE REPUBLICANS.

Yeah, not a fan of Doug Ducey at all

We all know the GOP has had a bug up its collective butt about abortion for decades, although no one has ever once justified the concept of the government of an allegedly free democracy arbitrarily deciding how private citizens can and can’t use their own reproductive systems, but hey, there are votes and money in controlling women stuff, I guess.

Until two years ago, no state had passed a law regulating gender-designated youth sports. But the issue has become front and center in Republican-led statehouses since Idaho lawmakers passed the nation’s first sports participation law in 2020. That law is now blocked in court, along with another in West Virginia. I wonder why that happened when it had never happened before.


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If only all of these mediocre Republican men would just subjugate their own women and leave the rest of us alone. But apparently, that’s not enough for the Deuce and his equally fragile snowflake pals in Mississippi, Idaho, Florida, and other states where the idea of a wee little woman type making her own decisions and using her own words is just scary af.

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