[COMMENTARY] First Presidential Debate Moved to Cleveland Clinic

Amid growing concerns regarding the coronavirus, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) has announced that the first Presidential Debate, which was to have taken place at Notre Dame, will now be held in Cleveland, Ohio, as a joint effort between the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western University.

This will be the second CPD-sponsored debate hosted by Case Western Reserve University. In 2004, the university was the site of the Vice Presidential debate. The debate is currently set to take place on September 29th at the Health Education Campus.

Some have begun to question whether or not the debate will actually take place, or if it should happen at all. Trump famously lost all three Presidential debates to Hillary Clinton in 2016, where he showed his lack of expertise and reduced the process to a series of insults and name-calling instead of a true debate of the issues. As far back as April, well before Biden became the presumptive and then eventual nominee, Trump was laying the groundwork to sit out the debates.

Joe Biden has already said he plans to participate in every Presidential debate this campaign season, but we have not gotten a similar statement from the White House. Political expert James Carville recently predicted that Trump will be a no-show, despite posturing tweets from various members of the GOP to the contrary. “Of course Biden wants to debate Trump,” Carville said in his usual blunt manner. “Trump is a doofus dolt.”

Two months is a long time in TrumpWorld, so it remains to be seen if we get any Presidential debates before the election.

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