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[COMMENTARY] First-Ever Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff Quietly Makes History Doing Good Around the Country

[COMMENTARY] First-Ever Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff Quietly Makes History Doing Good Around the Country

The quieter work of public service often gets lost amid the never-ending swarm of enraging political stories dominating the headlines, and Americans never take the time to take a breath and acknowledge just how historic the Biden administration is. Our first female Vice President is also a woman of color and Asian descent, and her husband, Douglas Emhoff, is not only America’s first Second Gentleman, but he’s also the first Jewish American to occupy such a highly visible role in a presidential administration.

And yet, we hear very little about the Second Gentleman and what he’s been doing since his wife got elected to do the second-most demanding job on the planet. The Associated Press decided to take a deeper dive into what drives “Dougie,” as VP Kamala Harris calls him, and it’s honestly just nice to hear about a nice person doing nice things for other people at a time when that’s becoming increasingly rare.

The AP details how the Second Gentleman has “attended a U.S. naturalization ceremony in New York, dished up spaghetti and chocolate milk to kids at a YMCA near New Orleans, and reminisced with second graders in Detroit about an early job at McDonald’s. Emhoff visited 31 states over the past year, meeting with doctors, parents, community leaders, and small-business owners everywhere from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Allentown, Pennsylvania. The most important part of such trips, though, may be making it home in time for dinner, when his wife, Vice President Kamala Harris, will toss out that evergreen conversation starter, ‘How was your day?'”

I swoon.

Poke fun if you must, but it’s still very sweet to see two different happily married couples leading the country again. And it’s also a perfect moment in our culture for everyone to see a successful woman of color so openly supported by her husband, who just happens to not be a person of color. Take a moment to appreciate that after the last administration radiated the same amount of warmth as a tiny dented space heater.

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In the AP profile, Emhoff says he understands that “I wouldn’t be here if the country hadn’t elected the first woman vice president.” And he stresses that men need to “step up” and better support their spouses’ careers. He’s a mensch, that Dougie Fresh!

Read the whole profile at the Associated Press.

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