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[COMMENTARY] Facing Expulsion, Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes More Anti-Semitic Comments

[COMMENTARY] Facing Expulsion, Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes More Anti-Semitic Comments

Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-Georgia) just can’t seem to stay out of trouble even as she faces expulsion from the House of Representatives. Her colleague, Rep. Jimmy Gomez, will finally bring his resolution to the floor to expel Greene on Friday, so not only is the overly defensive Greene going on the offensive on Twitter, she’s threatening to make House proceedings as difficult as possible for her colleagues.

Greene is also walking back Anti-Semitic comments she made regarding the California wildfires, which she said were caused by space lasers owned by Jews. Using the old “I didn’t know they were Jewish” to cloak her anti-Semitism, Greene claimed she had only learned until recently that the famously wealthy Rothschild family was Jewish. It should be noted that Greene didn’t walk back the space laser claims, just the Jewish part.

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Greene visited an Orthodox community in New York (where she probably felt right at home since they also eschew mask-wearing) and once again refuted the accusations against her. “I can tell you I have no idea what ‘Jewish space laser’ means because I never said it,” she said. “The community I have got to spend time with today is very similar to the people I have in my life.”

Yes, the QAnon cult people in your life, Marjorie Manson.

Full disclosure, I was raised Jewish and now identify as atheist/agnostic, but when anyone makes an anti-Semitic comment, I’m going to jump them for it. I see right through her whole “Oh I didn’t know” act, because she learned it straight from the Dear Leader. Also on brand of her to vote against rewarding the Capitol Police because the language in the resolution mentioned January 6th. I guess she doesn’t like to be reminded that she’s about to be expelled for her role in the failed coup attempt.

Greene is also continuing to use her time on the floor to spread transphobic hate speech. As of Thursday night, Greene hadn’t tweeted about the tragic shooting in Atlanta from either of her accounts. Probably because she’s xenophobic and loves guns, just a guess.

Friday will see Rep. Gomez introduce his privileged resolution to remove Greene, which should be excellent viewing. She’ll be sorry she turned down those cookies from Guam.

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