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[COMMENTARY] ETTD, Part Kabillion: Trump’s Truth Social Tanks Even More

[COMMENTARY] ETTD, Part Kabillion: Trump’s Truth Social Tanks Even More

It would be a lot more fun to watch Trump’s Twitter rip-off fail spectacularly if that wasn’t his intention all along.

But Truth Social was meant to fail bigly, just another get-richer-quick grift for the walking version of Three Card Monte in a baggy Brioni suit. So when The Wrap posted its exclusive that new sign-ups were down 93% for Pump ‘n’ Dump Trump’s hot garbage app, he was laughing right along with everyone else. Except he’s laughing all the way to the mattress where he probably keeps his money while we’re just rolling our eyes and waiting for all of his criming and karma to catch up to him already.

Before you rage-tweet that this is Photoshopped, it’s not. Your author took this photo from her own TV during a live broadcast on C-SPAN. [Credit: Screenshot @taradublinrocks]
Donald Trump’s base might actually be catching on to the fact that the only thing true about Truth Social is how much it sucks. What will never click with them is their participation in yet another Trump grift. Fool a MAGA once, shame on them, because you can’t stop fooling them after that.

The story isn’t that Truth Social failed, it’s that Trump yet again succeeded in getting his while the getting was good, and then he got out. When the QAnons talk about their “Great Awakening,” I keep hoping it means they’ll finally realize they’ve been duped into a pyramid scheme cult and Trump has been Jim Jones-ing them in an only slightly less poisonous way. But prolly not, because like their own Dear Leader, MAGA is dug in and refuses to ever admit they were wrong.

RIP Truth Social, forever the coffee boy of social media apps.

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