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[COMMENTARY] Elon Musk, Who Brags About His Billions, Now Wants to Charge Twitter Fees ‘For Revenue’

[COMMENTARY] Elon Musk, Who Brags About His Billions, Now Wants to Charge Twitter Fees ‘For Revenue’

Somewhere, the woman who originally hurt Elon Musk is just living her life, blissfully unaware that her rejection set off a catastrophic chain of events that began with a blow to his ego and is currently manifesting itself as a revenge effword against the Twitter users who just won’t like him no matter what he gives his money to other people to invent on his behalf. To that woman I say, You just didn’t know, sweetie.

But now that Twitter has somewhat recovered from the shock news that Musk was buying the platform for a whopping $44 billion, there have been some cracks in Musk’s waxy facade. Like, maybe he can’t actually buy Twitter after all, people who threatened that “Twexit” for a day.

First of all, the SEC isn’t letting him have his way regarding those pesky facts around his sale of Tesla stock and what he tweeted about it. It’s possible that Musk doesn’t quite have the capital to put his money where his ego is.

Apparently Musky is also asking some old investors to cough up some funds for him, but fool them once, you know? Maybe you should’ve taken my advice to buy Truth Social for $50K and the name of a shady lawyer, Ego. I’m not always right about everything, but when I’m right, I’m super duper right.

Anyway, now that he’s searching his couch cushions for a spare billion in change, Elon just came up with the brilliant idea that he “could start charging some business and government users” for the privilege of using “his” Twitter. I guess Elon doesn’t know about Twitter Blue, where you can pay for special stuff that should be free because everyone involved with Twitter is RICH AS EFFWORD, but I digress.

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Also, Elon thinks he’s in his own version of “The DaVinci Code” or something, tweeting kooky nonsense about the “Freemasons” and how about he just doesn’t get to buy Twitter, please?



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