[Commentary] Donald Trump Is Trending On Twitter Again — But He’s Probably Not Enjoying It

During his tenure on Twitter, especially the years he was a presidential candidate and then in office, Donald Trump was a defining feature of Twitter. However, he wasn’t always happy about his ‘trending’ status. Now that he’s out of office, he’s trending again for President’s Day. However, if someone with a functioning account is showing him the tweets, he may not be enjoying it.

Donald Trump trending badly
[Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]

Trump accused Twitter last year of faking trends when a certain characterization of him went viral on the site. Now, he’s trending on President’s Day, but while a lot of the posts are from his fans who wish he was still in office, a click on his name as a trending topic also brings up a lot of things the former officeholder might prefer not to face.

For one thing, there’s the most obvious — his Twitter ban, which means he can’t respond to anything posted. He can’t retweet any of the more flattering posts of the day.

Also, while the Senate voted not to hold him accountable for the January 6th insurrection attempt, a significant portion of the American public still holds out hope for consequences.

Of course, as always, he’s also being mocked roundly by numerous posters, including for the failures of his defense team during his second impeachment trial.

It’s certainly not the first time Donald Trump has been unhappy about Twitter content related to him. He’s even tried, when he was in office, to use legislation to punish social media companies for correcting his own false information. Still, tending on President’s Day with lots of negative feedback and commentary is another blow to the ego.

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