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[COMMENTARY] Donald Dumps ‘Dull’ DeSantis

[COMMENTARY] Donald Dumps ‘Dull’ DeSantis

According to a new piece by Jonathan Swan for Axios, Donald Trump is trashing Florida Governor Ron “Death” DeSantis in private as “an ingrate with a dull personality” and “no realistic chance” of beating him in a potential 2024 showdown, according to sources who’ve recently talked to the former guy about the Florida governor.

Ok, Captain Projection, we got you. You’re worried about Ron DeSantis stealing your 2024 thunder even though you’ll probably be too busy triangulating between courtrooms in New York, Atlanta, and Washington, DC to hit the campaign trail. But we can play along for the next little bit, Lil Donny.

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Aww, just look at the love, willya? It’s just so sad when these things go sideways. But politics, she be a harsh mistress, and hell hath no fury like a Florida Man scorned. Trump’s such an opportunist, he’s now dragging other Republicans for not bragging about getting COVID boosters, when not that long ago he was all “What COVID?” in public but privately admitting to Bob Woodward he knew how bad it was.

Fairweather Trump loves you when you love him, but the second he sniffs out any disloyalty, you’re as dead to him as Herman Cain. And then he’ll lead the other kids on the MAGA playground chant of “Nobody likes [insert name of the latest castoff from the real-life “Trump Apprentice” reality show he’s been living in for the last two decades].”

For a while, Ron DeathSantis was doing all of the Florida Man things Trump liked, including ignoring dying people while fundraising around the state, and they were all besties and whatnot. But he’s not just big mad about the COVID stuff. Swan writes that “Trump’s private irritation about what he perceives as DeSantis’ ungratefulness and willingness to defy him date back several years. Their disputes have ranged over matters as varied as closing beaches during the early days of the pandemic and a public clash over hurricane death statistics.” So, if you won’t lie for Trump, people are going to die for Trump, is how that one goes.

Read the full story at Axios.

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