[COMMENTARY] Don Jr Appears to Be On Drugs In New Campaign Video

“Fredo” and “Cocaine Don” were both trending on Twitter on Friday as a new Trump campaign video featuring a clearly addled Donald Trump, Jr started making the rounds.

It’s clear from the moment the video begins that the younger Trump is not entirely sober. “The radical left is plotting to steal this election from my father, President Donald Trump,” Junior begins, slurring his words as his tongue lolls around his mouth and he struggles to keep his eyes open. Junior goes on to falsely accuse the Democrats of adding “thousand of fraudulent ballots” and other lies straight from his own father.

This behavior is strikingly similar to his appearance at last month’s Republican National Convention, where Junior was also red-eyed and slurred his speech, and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, gave an unhinged speech of her own. During its live coverage of the RNC, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert managed to take aim at both Trump, Jr. and Guilfoyle, whom Colbert referred to as a “vengeful banshee.”

Instead of defending himself, Trump Jr took a cue from his father, as usual, and tried to divert the attention to Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, who has been open about his own struggles with addiction, while he also placed blame “on the lights” instead of himself for his “glassy” eyes when speaking with Fox News.

Twitter immediately jumped on the new footage Friday as the Trump Jr trolling began in earnest.

Some Twitter users might know from experience within their own families what the signs of drug addiction are…

..because it was pretty obvious to everyone.

He learned it from watching YOU, Dad!


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