[COMMENTARY] Don Jr and Kim Guilfoyle Bomb at CPAC

CPAC 2021 is in full swing and the Twitterverse is having plenty of fun with all of the bizarre stories already emerging from the annual conservative convention. Having moved the location to Florida, where the COVID19 restrictions are lighter and therefore easily flaunted, CPAC has created a few viral moments with the Golden Statue and Ted Cruz going full Howard Dean. Friday night was even more of a train wreck than the day promised to be, as the dual walking trainwrecks that are Donald Trump, Jr, and Kimberly Guilfoyle each took the stage and bombed so spectacularly that they should probably never speak publicly ever again.

Guilfoyle’s rambling nonsensical screech–er, speech–including a healthy dose of word salad, including a bizarre prediction for her boyfriend’s dad’s future where she claimed he would get “more done from the desk at Mar-A-Lago” than President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris despite his lousy track record of not doing anything to help Americans during the deadliest pandemic in a century, plus [take your pick of all the terrible from the previous administration].

The terrifying word salad of Donald Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle at CPAC  was surprisingly entertaining | The Independent


The last speaker of the night, Junior spoke to more empty chairs than full ones while stumbling over his words, seeming somewhat under the influence of something. Blaming the Democrats for literally everything his father did, plus a bunch of other things that have nothing to do with politics, Junior lost his small audience early on by saying, “This month, this month alone, they’ve banned The Muppets,” blaming “the radical left” for the cancellation that did not happen.At one point, Junior compared CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter (who he called Brian Slettler) to “Mr. Potato Head,” claiming that everyone makes that comparison (almost no one makes that comparison, except for this guy and a Fox News host), he got enough pushback that he had to try to defend his ugly attack.


Uday also tried to pull off jokes like, “Liz Cheney is less popular than her father is at a quail hunt,” referring to the former vice president accidentally shooting an acquaintance in the face – in 2006, 15 years ago. There likely were attendees in the room who were too young to know what he was talking about. When some groaned he declared, “fact check: true.”

We may be witnessing the swan song of the Trump family this weekend as their legal woes have finally caught up to them.

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