[COMMENTARY] Delete Your Account, Matt Gaetz

Oh, Matt Gaetz, why are you still tweeting?

Your words are a shovel digging your already deep grave even deeper. With every tweet and retweet, you just call more attention to the fact that you not only participating in the sex trafficking of teenage girls, you also showed off nude photos of the prostitutes you paid via Apple Pay to your Congressional colleagues. When you’re taking advice from Roger Stone, are you in a good place in life? Spoiler: No, you very much are not. This needs to be you from now on:

Matt Gaetz endorsed man accused of child sex trafficking
[Photo by Drew Angerer/GettyImages]
Shhh, now.

You’ve tried to pull everyone you can down with you, from Tucker Carlson to your own father. Meanwhile, your pal Donny Two Scoops hasn’t done a thing to help you, Rick Putz. As I write this on Saturday, #MattGaetzIsGoingToPrison is trending along with a bunch of other “Matt Gaetz Is” hashtags that pop up automatically. Stringing them all together, Matt Gaetz is a drunken traitorous tool in trouble for being a perverted Florida Man.

And that’s the nicest way to say Matt Gaetz is being hung out to dry by his former co-trafficker, Joel Greenberg. Greenberg is singing so loudly, we could mount a production of “Florida Mann Act: The Musical”.  When Twitter drags you this effectively, why would you keep hanging around?

If you’ve ever wondered where the Republican Party draws the line, it’s apparently only whenever anyone can show proof of statutory rape. They’ll otherwise make all kinds of inappropriate jokes over rumors about being rapey on the downlow.

There’s just so much out there on Molesty Matt Gaetz and it’s all catching up to him. The schadenfreude is real. I hope his teenage victims are in a safe place and getting the support they need.

And I hope we get a televised perp walk, because we’ve earned that. Byeeeee Drunky, we won’t be speaking well of you once you’re gone.

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