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[COMMENTARY] Conservatives Cancel Canceling Cancel Culture

[COMMENTARY] Conservatives Cancel Canceling Cancel Culture

Major League Baseball just celebrated Opening Day and already is finding itself immersed in a controversy over “cancel culture,” the Republicans’ favorite new catchphrase to use against the Democrats but yet obtusely continue to promote all by their own hypocritical selves. There’s nothing a Republican can’t ruin, and now the right is trying to cancel the sport dubbed “America’s Pasttime” all because of a little racist law in Georgia.

The 2021 All-Star Game was supposed to take place in Atlanta, but after outcries and social media boycotts targeted companies based in Georgia, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and Southwest Airlines all released statements siding with voters, not the Georgia GOP’s new restrictive voting laws. It was then announced on Friday that MLB is moving the All-Star Game out of Georgia and to another location to be named soon.

Cue the outcry from the racist right, who are sorely lacking in these:

Several prominent Republicans began tweeting their outrage over MLB caving in to “cancel culture,” and guess what they did? They called for a boycott of baseball. You know, to CANCEL baseball. If there was any more irony going on, we could all give up eating meat forever.

Sean “If Only White Bread Could Be Even Whiter” Spicer literally tweeted, “Boycott @MLB.”


Weird how a team (that I used to love because my husband loved them) with a racist name and a chant called the “Tomahawk Chop” has more of a problem with money leaving the state than voting rights for Black voters, but then again, this is a team that once employed John Rocker.

Doing a whole lot of racism while panicking about revenue loss under the guise of patriotism sure is tough work, but Republicans will labor harder over manufactured outrage than solving any actual problems for their constituents.

Scott Dworkin of the Democratic Coalition quickly responded to the Conservatives’ call to boycott baseball.

This cancel culture thing has gotten out of control. There are legitimate reasons to call for boycotts, like if someone’s using Saudi money to buy American publications, or they’re really racist.

The response has been so mature, really.


This guy is usually too busy whining to his invisible Sky Daddy to save his miserable Earthly life but took a break from that to whine about the sports ball like all the other conservative kids.

This is when you wish it was legal to punch people right in the throats while having the technology to do so through your computer screen. Liberal Twitter was, of course, much more appreciative of the move while also enjoying the chance to poke the right for being next-level obtuse at all times.


So, do you want to talk about cancel culture, Trumpocrites? These aren’t even all of the blocks I’ve collected over the years on Twitter. Read em and then STFU about your dumb cancel culture already. PLAY BALL!


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