[COMMENTARY] CNBC Host Cramer Disrespects Nancy Pelosi on Live TV

“I mean, what deal can we have, Crazy Nancy?”

This is the way Jim Cramer addressed the two-time Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, during an interview on his CNBC show, “Mad Money” on Tuesday. He quickly tried to cover it up by blaming Donald Trump (who was not a participant in the segment) by saying, “That was the President.”

“I have too much reverence for the office,” Cramer blustered. “I would never say that.”

“You just did,” Pelosi replied archly, clearing her throat. Ever dignified, the Speaker allowed the interview to continue after that inappropriate moment.

There’s a distinct difference between the way liberals are treated by more conservative interviewers. And while CNBC is not a conservative news outlet, Cramer has been coy in the past about his own political leanings, saying Trump was “good for the economy” in 2017. But his open disrespect for the leader of the Democratic Party didn’t go unnoticed by Twitter, who is always quick to let someone know when they’ve stepped in it.

Howard Dean was just one of many Twitter users calling for Cramer to leave CNBC immediately as #CancelCramer and #FireCramer began trending (along with the unfortunate “Crazy Nancy”).

Cramer tried to get ahead of the controversy, but failed spectacularly.


Cramer wasn’t the only one trying it with a liberal guest. Earlier on Tuesday, conservative Meghan McCain sparked dual controversies on “The View” by downplaying climate change and her interview with former Democratic Presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg. Before his husband, Chasten, joined the discussion, McCain asked Buttigieg for his thoughts on Joe Rogan potentially moderating a four-hour Presidential debate, an idea that started as a joke on Conservative Twitter but quickly gained legitimacy as Trump agreed to it. Buttigieg wouldn’t rise to the debate bait, however.

Looking ahead to an eventual post-Trump news cycle, the conservative media is going to have to find a better way to approach their liberal guests if the coverage is ever going to evolve.






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