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[COMMENTARY] Cawthorn Crushed for Misquoting Wrong Founding Father While Lecturing Dems On ‘Facts’

[COMMENTARY] Cawthorn Crushed for Misquoting Wrong Founding Father While Lecturing Dems On ‘Facts’

If you’re a freshman Republican in Congress and you think you’re going to try to lecture Democrats about “facts”, maybe you should know some first.

And by “you”, (today) we mean Madison Cawthorn (Q-NC), the darling of the GOP for his frat boy looks and devotion to Trump. Cawthorn’s involvement with the January 6th insurrection is murky but should be cleared up by the newly formed Special Committee. Maybe it was the fear of getting caught that caused Cawthorn to make a huge gaffe on the House floor on Thursday, but what could’ve been prevented by simply asking the Google (or listening to “Hamilton”) has now turned Madison Cawthorn into the Twitter version of a human marshmallow, because that boy got himself ROASTED.

Madison Cawthorn and antivax right-wingers slow votes
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Cawthorn attended a single semester of college, during which he “earned mostly D’s”, and he proudly showed off that lack of knowledge by quoting a Founding Father, but attributing it to another.

“It was Thomas Jefferson that said ‘Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.’ Let’s cast our eyes over the facts, shall we,” he said.

Except it wasn’t Thomas Jefferson WHO said it, Qawthorn, it was John Adams.

Cue Twitter losing its collective mind and schooling the formerly home-schooled Cawthorn in the history of the country he actually lives in, not the one the Republicans live in where they get to make up all of their own facts to make themselves seem smart (see also: Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene). Grab some graham crackers and chocolate, we’re roasting up a big one here.

Oh, history, if only you were as erasable and rewritable as the Republicans wish you were!

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