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[COMMENTARY] ‘CarpetBagger Hawley’ Beefs With Really American On Twitter

[COMMENTARY] ‘CarpetBagger Hawley’ Beefs With Really American On Twitter

If Josh Hawley isn’t busy trying to rewrite the history of the January 6th insurrection he openly supported or counting the money he made from his undeserved book deal, then he’s whining on TV or Twitter about how people are trying to ‘cancel’ him. You know, the rich white male Senator who keeps going on TV and got millions from Simon and Schuster.

Friday’s example of Hawley misusing his platform and privilege comes to us courtesy of our friends at Really American PAC, who decided to use their legitimately raised donations towards renting a truck with anti-Hawley signage on it to drive past Hawley’s sister’s house.

Cue the manufactured outrage!

In an escalating series of Twitter exchanges, Hawley and the Really American PAC accused each other of lying. Hawley posted a comment from his sister saying she had contacted the police, while the PAC told the Senator he would be hearing from its lawyers.

“My sister is a doctor and a Navy vet. She spends her life serving others. This week, a Democrat [sic] group has come to her clinic during working hours multiple times to harass her and her patients, driving a billboard truck around the clinic – all because she’s my sister,” Hawley said on Twitter Friday afternoon.

Really American PAC triggered Hawley with billboards and ads reading “Josh Hawley betrayed Missouri and America”, and it was that same message on the truck that drove past Hawley’s sister’s clinic. Their latest ad calls him “#CarpetBaggerHawley”, which immediately began trending on Friday. Hawley, who once again is a SITTING SENATOR, used his time on the taxpayers’ clock to get into a Twitter beef with user BrooklynDad, who heads Really American PAC.

This has only served to once again draw attention to the fact that Hawley has used his sister’s address in Ozark for voter registration since last year and continued to do so as of Friday, according to the Missouri Secretary of State’s office. While his sister’s address serves as his legal residence, the senator and his wife spend most of their time at a home they own in northern Virginia.

Twitter was enjoying roasting Hawley on Friday for whining about one guy driving one truck with a sign.

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