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[COMMENTARY/WATCH] BUT HER EMAILS: Jan 6th Committee Chair Calls For Ginni Thomas to Voluntarily Appear

[COMMENTARY/WATCH] BUT HER EMAILS: Jan 6th Committee Chair Calls For Ginni Thomas to Voluntarily Appear

[UPDATE: Ginni Thomas tells propaganda trash rag The Daily Caller that she “looks forward” to speaking to the Jan 6th Committee to “clear up misconceptions” but I wouldn’t hold your breath for those conversations to be televised. The Jan 6th Committee officially sent Ginni Thomas a letter late Thursday afternoon officially requesting she appear before them]

If you’ve been paying even the most casual attention to the January 6th House Select Committee investigation and subsequent televised hearings that have been juicier than any soap opera storyline, you know that the wife of a Supreme Court Justice tried really hard to overturn the 2020 election results and was in total cahoots with members of Donald Trump’s inner circle, including his lawyer, John Eastman.

Along with the Arizona lawmakers she emailed en masses with the exact same message, Ginni “I Used to Be in a Cult But I’m Totally Not In Several Cults Now” Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence “Have a Coke and Secret Smile” Thomas, was in regular contact with Eastman in the weeks leading up to January 6th. She was also at the Capitol but allegedly left before the crowd broke through security, saying she “had an upset stomach.” Yeah, Ginni, being worried about getting crushed by a bunch of violent lunatics while also knowing you committed sedition and treason might bring on a touch of nausea, I get that.

So now that we know all of the things we know, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) has announced that the panel would like to hear from Ginni Thomas, and I think by now we all know how this will play out. Considering she got her husband to be the lone SCOTUS holdout voting against protecting Trump’s White House Records, it’s a fair guess that she’s not going to bounce into a Committee meeting. Expect this to follow the Steve Bannon blueprint, which has also been followed by Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan, among others:

  1. Refuse to appear
  2. Get issued a subpoena to appear
  3. Refuse to appear despite subpoena
  4. Contempt of Congress charges

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Meanwhile, Clarence Thomas needs to resign or be told to quit, because there’s no way he didn’t know what his wife was up to. The woman wore a tacky MAGA dress to a Trump Christmas Party. Clarence KNOWS.

Ginni is in YUGE trouble. I love karma.

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