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[COMMENTARY] Boebert Tweets ‘Build Your Own Florida’ If You Don’t Like the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

[COMMENTARY] Boebert Tweets ‘Build Your Own Florida’ If You Don’t Like the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

While constantly whining about “muh freedumbs” all the time on her Twitter account, Rep. Lauren “Squeaky” Boebert (Q-CO) loves to dispense hypocrisy disguised as advice. The problem is, she also paid someone to take her fourth GED for her while she was apparently burning up enough campaign mileage to circumnavigate the globe a few times, so there are big gaps in her ability to comprehend and retain facts and truth.

For example, Squeaky can’t seem to grasp the basics of the horrendous law in Florida known as “Don’t Say Gay,” I guess because it’s just a little too bumpy at the back of the bandwagon to keep her phone steady while she lipreads her tweets.

Lauren Boebert called out for messing with Star Wars and attacking inclusivity
[Screenshot via Lauren Boebert/Twitter]
You know, just some casual transphobia from a sitting member of Congress. Also, Republicans are never funny. At least, not intentionally, because Twitter certainly gets plenty of laughs at their expense.

Remember, this is the same political mastermind who apparently never watched anything Disney-related before it was a political talking point. Never one to shy away from stepping into an issue that she doesn’t fully understand, Klannie Oakley tweeted this: “Next year, the woke Disney lobbyists will ask Congress to extend Micky Mouse’s trademark. I think not.”

Maybe she got Mickey Mouse confused with Micky Dolenz, who is a Monkee, not a Mouse. But Squeaky’s stupidity isn’t something I want to spend too much time thinking about, I have my own brain cells to protect here. But ANYWAY, now she has the perfect solution for you if you don’t like how hateful the real Florida has become.

Of course, Squeaky has no idea what the bill is actually for. It has nothing to do with gender reaffirming surgery. But since it’s about education, not medical care, it’s extra confusing for someone who believes in guns, God, and going after Nancy Pelosi during an insurrection. At least Twitter was right there to let her know that #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb, as they usually do anyway.

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