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[COMMENTARY] Boebert Threatens to Sue Comedian Over Parody Website

[COMMENTARY] Boebert Threatens to Sue Comedian Over Parody Website

For someone who claims to love the Second Amendment as much as she does, Lauren Boebert is now apparently trying to bend the First one to her will. Squeaky can apparently dish it out all she wants on her Twitter, where she’s constantly harassing President Joe Biden and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the daily, but she can’t seem to take it anywhere in return. In fact, your writer was until recently blocked by Boebert from her personal account, and only after a threat of a lawsuit and an aggressive Twitter campaign, she unblocked me. While I’m fairly certain I’m muted, it does give me a special thrill to know that I made Squeaky Big Mad.

Someone else has now gotten under Bobo’s holster, and she’s so literally triggered that she’s demanding a comedian “cease and desist” making fun of her on the internet. Which isn’t how the internet works at all, but you have to cut Boebert all of the slack when you consider it took her three tries to pass the GED, the third attempt miraculously sealing the deal while she was campaigning for her House seat in 2020.

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Comedian Toby Morton has created a parody website, The Lauren Boebert, and now the QAnon Qongresswoman has sicced some guy named Jake on him. Oooh, Jake. Okay, Qidiot.

Everything Toby Morton tweets or internets about Lauren Boebert is protected as parody speech by the First Amendment. It’s possible somebody has already told her this, but she’s not a very good listener, as Morton learned when he confronted her in person. The video he posted caused “#KarenBoebert” to trend, which made for a fun day on Twitter.

So now Bobo’s got it in for Toby. Boebert’s office has previously sent “cease and desist” notices to Morton and claimed that the photos on his website are copyrighted “despite the fact that they are public-domain photos made available by the U.S. government. There isn’t one person in her life that has an IQ in the triple digits, bless their little seditious hearts.

Toby Morton has no plans to remove the site because the First Amendment says he doesn’t have to. “I never set out to make a difference with my websites,” Toby told me. “My whole goal has been just to fuck with them and maybe get some laughs. Lauren started this though and now, thanks to her, I’m going all-in including creating a documentary about what a mess she is. So, we’ll see how it goes.”

That means this story will keep going, and it will be a pleasure to keep updating.

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