[COMMENTARY] Boebert Threatens Pelosi With Shotgun Noise in New Video

In case you missed it, freshman Representative Lauren Boebert loves guns. She loves them so much, she hates to leave any of them at home (she’s fine with leaving her kids there with her guns, but we aren’t talking about great parenting to begin with since her husband is a known sex offender), and she also loves to show them off on Zoom chats with her colleagues while she plays at Being In Government. Boebert has been widely accused of being involved in the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol along with her fellow QAnon cult friends Marjorie Taylor Greene and Madison Cawthorn. Unlike Greene, Boebert hasn’t received any disciplinary action for her behavior on the House floor, but she’s also not assigned to any Committees as of yet.

Considering Boebert has never once hidden from the fact that she wants to get rid of Nancy Pelosi, you’d think she’d have taken a much lower profile after being sworn into office. But since it was just so close to their upcoming Riot Party, Boebert literally couldn’t keep it in her pants and had to try to bring her gun to the House floor the day of the attacks, going so far as to whine on television the day before that she “needed it for protection”, although she never did specify why she felt she needed to be protected in such a secure building.

Now Boebert is ignoring all of the evidence the FBI has collated from that day and is basically begging to be arrested with a new video demanding that Speaker Pelosi “tear down” the fencing around the Capitol. Using all the typical right-wing hate speech (“illegal aliens”, although the genius who did the captions spelled it “ALLIENS”), Boebert lies about Democrats, calls the Capitol “Fort Pelosi” and demands for the fencing to be taken down.

The video ends with the sound of a shotgun and a re-pump, as if another round is coming. Seems like a pretty direct threat towards the woman Boebert openly tried to help assassinate on January 6th.

Facing calls to resign, Boebert shifts blame to Democrats, Hollywood |  9news.com

Twitter users weren’t amused by Boebert’s “I love being terrible” attitude and let her know it.

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