[COMMENTARY] Boebert Keeps Asking to Be Expelled With Attention-Seeking Stunts

In the continuing saga of the freshman Republican QAnons who seem to be very focused on destroying their own careers as they also attempt to destroy democracy, Lauren Boebert has decided to copy her pal Marjorie Taylor Greene and go after the brand new President with juvenile tweets and nonsense papers being filed to block President Biden’s brand new Executive Order to rejoin the Paris Agreement and the World Health Organization, as well as his new federal mask mandate.

Soon after Greene was shredded by Twitter for “filing Articles of Impeachment“, Boebert tweeted a picture of herself all dressed up in a dumb person’s idea of a smart person’s outfit and signing a bill to block Biden’s EO. Because she doesn’t understand why things are named what they are, she also parroted her alleged paramour Ted Cruz‘s dumb “Paris/Pittsburgh” tweet as a way of explaining her reasons to not want a better climate for the whole planet.

Boebert acts all grown-up and professional on her official government account, but it’s quite another story on her personal Twitter, where she’ll block anyone who dares criticize her (yours truly included) and regresses back to being the junior high mean girl she’s never outgrown.


Boebert knows full well why that fencing is there, and her enjoyment of being awful is just another reason why people are questioning just how she got into Congress in the first place when she’s got a lengthy arrest record, as does her husband. Boebert has also been fined for attempting to bring her Glock onto the House floor, as she has already set off the magnetizers yet refused to surrender her weapon.

With her hometown constituents calling for an investigation and her own persistence to remind the public just how much she wants to be a martyr for QAnon, Boebert has also drawn the attention of those who have been in Congress longer than a handful of weeks, and there is already a lawsuit against her from Twitter users who have been blocked on her personal account (full disclosure: I am not part of that suit, although I absolutely take ownership of creating the #SqueakyBoebert trend, because it’s one of my better efforts).

It’s only a matter of time before Boebert and her co-conspirators are removed from Congress. Until then, count on her to squeeze all of the awful out of her brief tenure that she can.




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