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[COMMENTARY] Because Florida Yet Again: Ron “DeathSantis” Signs New Restrictive Abortion Ban

[COMMENTARY] Because Florida Yet Again: Ron “DeathSantis” Signs New Restrictive Abortion Ban

Wow, Ron DeSantis is a death merchant, huh? I can say that because of the First Amendment and also, because he is, because Florida.

You’re already well acquainted with DeathSantis trying to kill as many people in Florida as possible, as he’s demonstrated all through COVID19. Ronny the Death Merchant also is fine with LGBTQIA+ kids taking their own lives now that they can’t safely come out at school or even have a discussion about what coming out means. Now to add to the body count, Ronny is supporting forced births in Florida by banning abortions after 15 weeks regardless of the circumstances. And when is he creating new programs to help feed and house those extra millions of post-borns, one might ask? How’s never? Can you pencil that in on your calendar, Governor Goebbels?

[Gov. Ron DeSantis reacts to being told he just stepped on a baby. Caption: your author. Photo by Paul Hennessy via Getty Images]
Here’s when I remind people that Ron pulled a Matt Gaetz-ish thing by partying with teenage girls and then trying to hide that he did that, but OOPS, we have the receipts, Ronny. Good thing this was before you exploited your wife’s breast cancer diagnosis for political gain.

Anyway, Republicans are terrified of people who have a uterus also having control over their own bodies because they’re all repressed about sex and can’t control themselves. Don’t make me invoke the Falwells, you might be eating while reading this.

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Anyway, Florida is no longer acknowledged as a viable place for a host body to live, so hopefully, we’ll be witnessing a “Mama Migration” to Blue states with balanced populations and functioning utilities along with a functioning government. Because Florida.

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