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[COMMENTARY] Because Florida: Judge Deemed ‘Unqualified’ By ABA Strikes Down CDC’s Travel Mask Mandates

[COMMENTARY] Because Florida: Judge Deemed ‘Unqualified’ By ABA Strikes Down CDC’s Travel Mask Mandates

Covid, shmovid. The cruelty of the MAGA Cult is the point.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had extended the national travel mask mandate by an extra few days. But entitled whiny MAGAts somehow got to a person who shouldn’t be near a courtroom, let alone the bench itself, and she decided to end it. But not just in Florida, EVERYWHERE. How, you may ask? BECAUSE FLORIDA. Oh, and also the GOP.

U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle in Tampa, Florida, said the CDC “overstepped its authority” in issuing the original health order that the Transportation Security Administration used to impose the mask mandate. She also said the CDC didn’t follow proper rulemaking procedures.

“Overstepped their authority”? During her Senate confirmation process, the American Bar Association (ABA) said Mizelle was “not qualified” for the position because she had not been practicing law for long enough. So I think Miserable Mizelle was the one overstepping here, because she doesn’t understand science.

The CDC continues to recommend that people mask up indoors while traveling, and President Joe Biden was seen wearing a black mask as he departed for New Hampshire for a planned appearance to discuss infrastructure. Other members of his staff are also encouraging the use of masks, but the President said now it’s up to people to make their own choices.

Once the TSA said it would no longer enforce the rule, airlines, airports, transit systems, and ride-share services were free to decide for themselves whether to require masks, major carriers United, Delta, American, Southwest, Alaska, JetBlue, and other airlines all made masks voluntary. Uber and Lyft said they won’t require passengers to wear masks. On the ground, however, requirements could vary from place to place. New York City’s public transit system planned to keep its mask requirement in effect. In San Francisco, the regional commuter rail system known as BART made masks voluntary, but the city transit authority did not.

But not everyone is throwing caution to the wind along with their masks.

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