[COMMENTARY] Bad Influence: Anaheim ‘Influenza Church’ Hosting 2-Day ‘QAnon-Palooza’

A church in Anaheim, California is hosting Michael Flynn, Mike Lindell, Roger Stone, and a whole bunch of other QAnon conspiracy theorists, many of whom were part of the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol, and all of whom continue to push the Big Lie. While its real name is the “Influence Church of Anaheim”, yours truly has already dubbed it the “Influenza Church” because of the potential for a superspreader event among unmasked anti-vaxxers that’s billing itself as a “Health & Freedom Conference”.

The two-day event is sadly 100% SOLD OUT! according to the advertisement, which reads like a Who’s Who of Q. There’s a lot to unpack from the ad, a barrage for the eyes and the soul of anyone who still lives here on Earth One. Now, I understand churches are supposed to be safe havens and whatnot, but exposing your congregation to a whole bunch of science-and-truth-denying anti-vaxxers screaming about the Big Lie in an enclosed space for sixteen hours is the opposite of what Sky Daddy wants you to do, Trumpocrites. Try not to go blind breaking down all of the insanity in this poster:

Now, there has been a last-minute change: Scott Jensen, who is allegedly a medical doctor but somehow doesn’t understand how medicine works, is no longer appearing. Maybe they can get Peter Navarro to take his place and scream about hydroxychloroquine or something.

But that list of speakers, hoo boy. Buried waaay down there in the tiny print are names like Pastor Mark Burns and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who has somehow now gone too far beyond his famous family’s reach. Maybe the QAnons think he’s also JFK Jr?

All jokes aside, the problem is this church should really say what it is: a front for the right wing. So any protests will probably fall on willfully obtuse ears because muh Jeebus won’t let me get sick, librul.

In any case, Twitter has now found out about the Influenza Church and this “ReAwaken America” mishegoss, and despite planned protests, the QIdiot Show will still go on. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make it as unpleasant for them as possible while they’re hosting the worst of the worst worst.


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