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[COMMENTARY] Arizona Goes Full Florida With New Bills Restricting Abortions and Transgender Rights

[COMMENTARY] Arizona Goes Full Florida With New Bills Restricting Abortions and Transgender Rights

Fill in the blank: If Florida had no coastlines, it would be _________.

You’ll be forgiven if your mind first went to Texas, because you wouldn’t be technically wrong. You’d also be on point if you chose Idaho. But today the answer is actually Arizona, which has been steadily striving to go full Florida for quite some time and really sealed it by passing some really awful new laws limiting personal freedoms in the last state to finally acknowledge Martin Luther King’s birthday as a holiday. Because Arizona!

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It never ceases to amaze me how Republicans are so scared of everything that’s just different from the way they are. Being carefully taught to hate and fear people with more melanin or different body parts or (gasp!) opinions is just so bizarre. America is a land of great diversity, they say with one side of their mouths, but then they spew filth and hatred right out the other side. How else to explain the new restrictions being placed on pregnant people and transgender athletes? Why do Republicans care so much about other peoples’ bodies when they should just be minding their own parts? It’s BAFFLING to me.

The Arizona House voted to OUTLAW ABORTION after 15 weeks of pregnancy, mirroring a Mississippi law now being considered by the Supreme Court. The bill explicitly says it “does not overrule a state law in place for more than 100 years that would ban abortion outright” if the Supreme Court overrules Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that enshrined the right to abortion in law, but it actually kinda does. Republican Gov. Doug “Douchey” Ducey, is an abortion opponent who’s signed every piece of anti-abortion legislation that has reached his desk since he took office in 2015. Yay for making women smaller, huh? Like we don’t have to do that enough already.


But wait, there’s more terrible! Yep, Arizona also did a Florida by voting to prohibit gender reassignment surgery for minors and ban transgender athletes from playing on girls’ sports teams, because transphobia is the newest terrible trend in the GOP. Imagine being so petty and fragile that you’re threatened by someone who doesn’t look like you and who is better at something than you are. Weakness is just so EW.

The GOP hates women SO MUCH, even the women in the GOP hate themselves. It’s how you get Marsha Blackburn and her hair. She’s not from Arizona, but she might as well be. However, reincarnated Nazi prison guard Kari Lake sure is, and WOW, KKKari’s all of the terrible in the world that somehow formed itself into a somewhat human form.

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But ANYWAY, get ready for a lot of “Because Arizona” now. Because Arizona.


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