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[COMMENTARY] AOC Calls ‘Creepy’ Fox Host Tucker Carlson ‘Trash’ For Saying She’s ‘Not a Woman of Color’

[COMMENTARY] AOC Calls ‘Creepy’ Fox Host Tucker Carlson ‘Trash’ For Saying She’s ‘Not a Woman of Color’

There sure are a lot of mediocre white guys throwing around a lot of words lately that they shouldn’t be using in a conversation that really isn’t about them, huh? We’ve already gone over the walking mediocrity that is Joe Rogan, but sadly, there are plenty of others in the Roganverse who have also parlayed their own white male privileged fragility into a career for themselves, and therefore here we are once again talking about Tucker Swanson “Frozen Dinner With the Peas in the Dessert Part” Carlson doing another racism, but this time with his favorite add-ins, misogyny and projection language, mixed in for flavor.

Tuckems actually called Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) a “rich entitled white lady” without somehow spontaneous combusting from all of the obtuse irony that was in the air floating around his gaslights. Even a casual observer of politics knows you can try to make AOC your scapegoat for Trump losing massively in public, but you’ll fail miserably. And once again, AOC proved she’s nobody’s whipping girl without even trying all that hard.

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We get that Tucker is obsessed with what he can’t have because no one ever said no to him and that’s how he has a show on Fox News now. But AOC isn’t here to boost his or anyone’s fetishes, and she’s not here for you, Creeper Carlson. And stop calling her “Sandy,” she’s not your friend and she’s not your cousin, you weak bowl of rancid rice pudding.

AOC also read him to filth for being a mediocre white misogynist, only she used her own words.


AOC then essentially asked the Twitter hivemind why Carlson is the way he is.

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It’s obviously not a new tactic for the right to use a liberal woman of color as their scapegoat when things are going badly, but they really need to quit acting surprised when their weakness backfires on them, because we’re literally not here for any of that, little buddies.

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