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[COMMENTARY] Anti-Vax Radio Host Dennis Prager Says He Has COVID While On the Air: ‘I Was Trying to Get Infected’

[COMMENTARY] Anti-Vax Radio Host Dennis Prager Says He Has COVID While On the Air: ‘I Was Trying to Get Infected’

Dennis Prager why can't i use the n-word

Conservative radio talk show host Dennis Prager thought he could conquer COVID19 by essentially daring it to infect him. Prager often bragged about defying all protocols and tempting fate, as documented by The Daily Beast. He would regale his audience with tales of using forks he’d dropped on public restaurant floors and other adventures in germ exposure.

Early on in the pandemic, Prager declared that coronavirus is “not a killer,” while conceding that it “kills some.” Prager said he would only accept a lockdown under “staggering” levels, which he defined as “many thousands,” perhaps “30,000” dead. If that didn’t happen, Prager said, “then this has to end very soon.”

Dennis Prager why can't i use the n-word
[Image: Screenshot via Dennis Prager Show]
Karma has proven again and again what happens if you tempt her. Prager took to the airwaves as usual on Monday, but he had to perform his duties remotely from home. Because like a lot of other COVID deniers–many of them his colleagues on the conservative talk radio circuit–Prager has tested positive for the virus.

Prager’s statement was less a mea culpa and more like a ‘mea wanna’: he claims he deliberately didn’t protect himself because he wanted to prove he had the natural immunity to fend off the virus.

Prager also believes a majority of Americans should’ve gotten COVID because, in his opinion, natural immunity is superior to that created by vaccines.

Karma: Oh rlly?

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Later in the show, Prager theorized that former Secretary of State Colin Powell didn’t die of COVID, as Powell’s family has said. Powell had multiple myeloma and also suffered from Parkinson’s, making him more susceptible to the virus.

Prager’s YouTube Channel is also packed with his opinions on the Coronavirus, all of them false.


Media Matters posted Prager’s full rant, which includes his own opinions despite factual information being readily available.

I’m broadcasting from my home because I’m not going into the station as I have COVID. I was tested positive last week and I have been steadily improving. At no point was I in danger of hospitalization. I have received monoclonal antibodies, that’s Regeneron. I have, of course, for years — a year and a half, not years — been taking hydroxychloroquine from the beginning, with zinc. I’ve taken z-pack, azithromycin, as the Zelenko protocol would have it. I have taken ivermectin. I have done what a person should do if one is not going to get vaccinated.

It is infinitely preferable to have natural immunity than vaccine immunity and that is what I have hoped for the entire time. Hence, so, I have engaged with strangers, constantly hugging them, taking photos with them knowing that I was making myself very susceptible to getting COVID. Which is, indeed, as bizarre as it sounded, what I wanted, in the hope I would achieve natural immunity and be taken care of by therapeutics. That is exactly what has happened. It should have happened to the great majority of Americans. 

The number of deaths in this country owing to COVID is a scandal which one day will be clear to Americans. The opposition of therapeutics on the part of the CDC is owing to the corruption of the belief in the value of vaccine and only vaccine. Whether it is because of all the money that goes into the CDC from the pharmaceutical companies or a simple unquestioning faith in vaccines, or both, only God knows. So, I have walked the walk on this matter and here I am.

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