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[COMMENTARY] Anti-Semitic Hat Store Owner Shut Down By Social Media

[COMMENTARY] Anti-Semitic Hat Store Owner Shut Down By Social Media

Gigi Gaskins is a “milliner/hatter and owner of hatWRKS. Gaskins is a designer who participated in numerous creative ventures, seeking her true art and niche. She has owned a clothing boutique, a home furnishing store, a stained glass shop, and an urban farm”, according to a 2011 online profile about her in Nashville Arts. But talk about burying the lede: it turns out that Gaskins is a full-on QAnon conspiracy theorist who loves Trump and hates Jewish people [writer’s disclosure: I am a non-practicing Jewish American], and is super proud of how hateful she is.

Thanks to a tweet by The Tennessee Holler, an image of Gaskins wearing a yellow Star of David patch pinned to her shirt with the words “Not Vaccinated” printed on it began making the rounds on Friday. To make matters worse, Gaskins is selling the stars and also promises “trucker hats” with the same messaging in the comments underneath the photo.


Once the tweet began circulating, Twitter sleuths immediately went to work and that’s how we know her name is Gigi Gaskins, and she has a history of being really awful on social media. Here’s her current Facebook banner:


Twitter users also left scathing reviews on Google and Yelp, to the point where their page on Yelp was temporarily suspended (nice work, Yelpers!).


Gaskins is blocking basically anyone who comments on her Instagram (guilty as charged), but screenshots from her Instagram indicate she’s well aware of what she’s doing.

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Instagram is often slower to take care of user complaints, and more often doesn’t take care of its users as well as it should, as evidenced by this non-response to rampant anti-Semitism on their platform because it was served with a smile.


When social media blocks get in the way, anyone trying to call the shop is immediately forwarded to a full voicemail box. Gigi is employing the very Marjorie Taylor Greene-ish tactic of “If I don’t listen to the mean messages then they don’t exist.”

Have a fun Memorial Day Weekend, Gigi! You probably won’t have much of a business once the internet is done with you, but that’s what happens when your hats are full of hate.

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