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[COMMENTARY] Another Day, Another Unearthed Clip of Joe Rogan Being Racist

[COMMENTARY] Another Day, Another Unearthed Clip of Joe Rogan Being Racist

I’m really tired of fragile mediocre white men complaining they’re not allowed to be openly racist in the name of “being funny,” because there’s nothing funny about it.

Joe Rogan has been dominating the news cycle lately thanks to being an entitled white man who’s been allowed to coast on his hackery without accountability for a very long time. Some cool artists decided they didn’t want to be associated with him, so they left Spotify, while its CEO was all, “Racisms are fine by us, because money.” Why anyone is giving credibility to a guy who once critiqued women in bikinis jumping on trampolines is beyond me, but we are living in the most painfully stupid of times.

Screenshot/Media Matters for America

There are dozens of clips from Rogan’s show where he’s dropping the N-word, and instead of complete outrage from all humans over the age of 5, Donald “Coke Drip” Trump Jr and Ted Cruz are out there giving all the fragile white male excuses for why they should get to say whatever they want while also apparently challenging Howard Stern to say the N-word as much as Joe Rogan does. And now our pal Patriot Takes has shared yet another unearthed clip of Rogan where he’s affecting what he terms “a Black voice” and then laments that Black people don’t like it when white people make fun of them.

Yeah, Joe, you’re not the problem at all here.

Once again, for the really fragile white fellas in the back who just can’t grasp why they can’t have everything: BECAUSE YOU HAVE ENOUGH. White men only have what they have because their ancestors showed up here and took everything away from the indigenous people, then they took everything good from the Black people they enslaved and appropriated it for their own (my people came through Ellis Island, I just want to put that out there). And when I say everything, I mean everything from music to food to sportsball to the vernacular and slang and the “voice”. You cannot have what is not meant for you, fragile mediocre white men. If you’re complaining that a historically and systemically abused community won’t let you abuse them, you are literally the problem.

Rogan’s troll army will double down on this, but they’re only proving my point for me. Guys, your white male privilege does not extend that far. You cannot have the N-word, and you also can’t have a lolly because it’s almost dinnertime, you giant overgrown racist babies. And while we’re at it, a Black woman is about to replace an old white man on the Supreme Court, so the sooner you stop trying to take the last thing you can’t have, the better for the entire planet. STOP IT. If you’re threatened by this, GET THERAPY to figure out why you just can’t let other people live because of a little extra melanin and a whole lot of everything else you also don’t have, you petty jealous monsters.

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