[COMMENTARY] Another Day, Another Right-Wing Fearmonger

Lance Wallnau, a “minister” who seems cut from the same cloth as every other Evangelical Trump surrogate, is equivocating the now-cleared Seattle CHOP Zone with the French Revolution, saying the name alludes to the guillotine, and protestors will force people to “get in line or

chop their heads off“.

CHOP actually stands for “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest”. It’s also known as CHAZ, for “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone”. But when has something like evidence to support their stories ever stopped one of these guys from spouting their conspiracy theories?

Wallnau’s accusations are only the latest in a series of outlandish claims, like telling his followers if Trump isn’t re-elected, “Satan will take back over this country.” Aside from criticizing the Black Lives Matter protests, Wallnau once claimed a cake turned a gay man straight, and also dubbed Trump “God’s candidate”.

Improper syntax aside, this kind of fearmongering is the standard operating procedure for the right, along with creating distractions any time a new Trumpbomb detonates in the news cycle. Today’s tax return ruling from SCOTUS is clearly one of the larger blows to the already fragile Trump Ego. Combine that with the Black Lives Matter logo being painted in front of Trump Tower, and the result is an epic Twitter meltdown still in progress at this writing. Expect more Trump surrogates to attempt distractions as they continue to exist in their alternative media universe separate from the rest of us, where accusations are taken as fact and scientific facts are ignored.





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